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Total Recall

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Dec 27, 2012
Total Recall

The new king of the movie remake, Colin Farrell, returns in another reboot bust. While the original "Total Recall" is by no means a classic, this version does nothing to improve upon or offer anything new, except updated movie technology.

Farrell, looking muscular and buff, plays the Arnold Schwarzenegger role of Douglas Quaid, a factory worker this time around instead of a construction worker. The storyline of how he goes to Rekall, a memory implantation company, remains intact. Also remaining is the fact that he's married to a kick-ass broad...Kate Beckinsale gets the tougher than nails Sharon Stone role. When Quaid realizes his life is all just a farce, he joins forces with a young protégé (the bland Jessica Biel) and the two of them run for their lives.

Yes there are some intense and exciting sequences but this "Total Recall" boils down to a CGI-induced train wreck, featuring too many mind-spinning special effects instead of character development. Farrell is a notch above what Schwarzenegger brought to his role, yet this remake is a boring disappointment.

One complete Blu-ray disc is dedicated to special features only and there are a slew of them:

"Extended Director's Cut": clocking in at 130 minutes, this version is even more bloated than the theatrical version. There is a director's commentary also.

"Total Recall Insight Mode": an interesting feature that plays the film alongside scene-specific behind-the-scenes examinations.

A gag reel, seven behind-the-scenes features, and a "God of War: Ascension" game are also included on the "Total Recall" disc.

"Total Recall"
Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

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