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Small Apartments

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Feb 28, 2013
Small Apartments

"Small Apartments" is worthy of viewing for a multitude of reasons. The focal point of the film is "out" actor Matt Lucas. Lucas' comedy skill is best remembered in the BBC show "Little Britain" and for many of his outstanding characterizations such as "Vicky Pollard" or "Daffyd Thomas" whose "Everybody knows I'm the only gay in the village!" became an instant catch phrase. In "Small Apartments" Lucas uses his serio-comedic talent to an amazing degree as a befuddled, delusional loner who tends to exist in his own fantasy world of dreams in a rundown apartment complex in Los Angeles. And it just so happens... his character, "Franklin Franklin" has the body of his dead landlord on the floor of his kitchenette.

What ensues from there and in the general dilemma of day-to-day life, make for a riveting and absurd story that never manages to become an implausible scenario. The neighboring tenants played by James Caan as the bitter, mean and nosey old man and Johnny Knoxville as a "pothead" provide their own "slice of life" to add to the mix. At the heart of Matt Lucas's "Franklin Franklin" is his deep love for his brother "Bernard." James Marsden portrays his brother who is believed to be incarcerated in a nearby facility for mental illness. Needless to say "Franklin" has had some tough breaks in life. It definitely doesn't help that Billy Crystal, as the go-to detective, is on his case as well.

Director Jonas Akerlund has created an "off-kilter" classic with his adaption of the Chris Millis' novel. "Small Apartments" is truly thought-provoking, hilarious for all the wrong reasons and ultimately, carries an invigorating message of hope in the face of despair.

"Small Apartments"


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