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From Beyond

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Mar 26, 2013
From Beyond

Somewhere lurking in the heart of the fair to middling "From Beyond" is a great horror film waiting to come out. Sadly, this 1986 cult flick coasts on atmosphere that never amounts to much and ideas that don't come to fruition.

The filmmakers of the far superior "Re-Animator" followed that film up with this tale from H.P Lovecraft. They even cast the same actors (Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton) and used the same special effects crew. The result is almost a sequel to "Re-Animator," with a similar story of people coming back to life after being in contact with the Resonator, a machine that affects the sixth sense.

Combs, playing against type as the victim of the Resonator, comes into contact with Crampton, who plays a mousy psychiatrist. She accidentally unleashes the door to a parallel universe and her once shy ways become slutty. It wouldn't be a Stuart Gordon film if it didn't feature boobs, gore, and smut. The sight of Crampton in an S&M leather outfit almost makes "From Beyond" enjoyable.

Like most of the Shout Factory blu-rays, "From Beyond" has a ton of involved special features:

"Multiple Dimensions": This feature looks at the extensive special effects and makeup in the film.

"Paging Dr. McMichaels": An interview with Barbara Crampton, where she discusses why this is one of her favorite roles.

"A Tortured Soul": This polar opposite to Crampton's interview, Jeffrey Combs talks about why this is one of his least favorite movie parts.

There are also features carried over from the 2007 DVD release, including an interview with director Stuart Gordon and storyboard to film comparisons.

"From Beyond"
Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

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