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Phantasm II

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Mar 26, 2013
Phantasm II

"The ball is back!" exclaims the Blu-ray cover of "Phantasm II", the long-awaited high-definition release that fans of the four-part series have been clamoring for. This follow-up to the 1979 cult hit about corpses being brought to another world is a complete kick in the pants, where nothing should be taken seriously.

The Tall Man (the menacing Angus Scrimm) was last seen defeating Mike (James Le Gros) at the end of "Phantasm"...this 1987 sequel cleverly picks right up at the ending of the first film. Flash forward seven years and poor Mike is finally released from a sanitarium, hell bent on destroying the Tall Man once and for all. This part road trip movie also features series staple Reggie Bannister, who bangs hot chicks along the way.

"Phantasm II" can't even remotely compete with the original but it's fun nonetheless. It ups the gross factor and the silliness. The Tall Man, explained by Scrimm as a metaphor for the Grim Reaper in the making of feature "The Ball is Back", is high camp this time around.

Others appearing in the hour-long 'making of' include director Don Coscarelli...it's nice to hear him admit why he had to re-cast the role of Mike from the original actor due to studio pressure. This has always been a sore spot with fans of the series. Scrimm and Bannister are interviewed as well.

A rare behind-the-scenes footage feature shows how many of the film's stunts were produced. The "Phantasm II" Blu-ray also has numerous TV spots and the film's trailer along with an extensive photo gallery.

"Phantasm II"

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