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Any Day Now

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Apr 25, 2013
Any Day Now

"Any Day Now" is a complete surprise and such an unexpected treasure of a film. Alan Cumming plays Rudy, a working drag queen in West Hollywood circa 1979. One night after his performance, he meets a handsome stranger in a car (as gay men do, did and still do). The man is a divorced Los Angeles District Attorney and, after a lot of pleasantries, they part ways. It's just another day in West Hollywood in the late 1970s, right? Yet, the environment in which Rudy lives leads to a young teen with Down Syndrome left alone by a drug-addled mother in the apartment next door.

Not only is "Any Day Now" a phenomenal love story interwoven with the pain of caring by filmmaker Travis Fine, it is also a brilliant observation on what it is to be a young adult with Down Syndrome. The moments of interaction between Marco (Isaac Leyva), Rudy (Alan Cumming), and Paul (Garret Dillahunt as the handsome man who is smitten with Rudy) bring wide smiles and sometimes, misty eyes in synchronicity. George Arthur Bloom wrote the screenplay with director Travis Fine and this based-on-a-true story keeps it moving in real time with dialogue and memory montages that are in many ways so familiar to any LGBT person or any person, for that matter.

It must be said that Alan Cumming is brilliant. Cumming portrays a transplant from Queens who knows the ropes and as a gay man who fights for truth on all fronts... he is now fighting for the right to adopt Marco as his own with his lover Paul.

In a cold world of emotional discards that still exists today for some people living with Down Syndrome and those living in the sometimes childlike, often gentle and turbulent world close to Down Syndrome, the characterization and skilled acting of Issaac Leyva makes the struggle for his adoption and Marco's rights as a person in the legal system of 1979 as real and emotionally invested as it was then and as it definitely is on any day.

"Any Day Now"


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