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Face 2 Face

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday May 14, 2013
Face 2 Face

Don't let the cover of "Face2Face" and the statistics and selling points of this documentary mislead you by noted lesbian filmmaker ["Loving Annabelle"] Katherine Brooks. First and foremost, "Face2Face" is a riveting and moving film about addiction and the "oh so" personal circumstances of a talented yet troubled/untroubled Katherine Brooks.

Her statistics though for this film are simply amazing with 50 people, 11, 467 miles and as Katherine said, "That's a lot of fuckin' driving dude"... plus 50 cities. The emotional pull is in the journey and in the discovery within her while making this Facebook-fueled odyssey of inspired insanity.

Some precious moments during this complex film can be as tedious as a road trip. The montage sequences of her time spent with "FB friends" tend to bring shivers of the past with former First Lady Nancy Reagan and her "hugs not drugs" agenda during the 1980s. "Face 2 Face" is, in a way a pure "I didn't even know it and I wasn't even thinking of that aspect of" kind of filmmaking. In dissecting her past and looking towards a more humane environment to live in, Brooks' sense of self-identity makes for a strong personal and emotional rescue looking for spiritual enlightenment. Was it brazen to do this in light of her history and success as a director? Not for me to say.

Katherine Brooks does "rip" the cover off Facebook and does justice to the nature of addiction itself as she travels that "long and winding road" to the simplicity and great advantages of her family, friends and fans. It's those people who care and caring makes all the difference to Katherine Brooks. So, if there is a lack of true "joy" to be found and an inkling to really feel alive, whether it's holding a newborn child or helping a FB friend deal with a close loss or milestone in life, leave it to Katherine Brooks' "Face 2 Face" for a ultimately loving push to get to the heart of life's journey and the hot button issue of "to self-medicate or to not self-medicate?" It could be that maybe, all Brooks needs is some love and a switch-up of the word "medicate" to "meditate."

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