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Boss - Season Two

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Apr 23, 2013
Boss - Season Two

Television veteran Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier," "Cheers") returns to the original series "Boss" in Season Two, now available on Blu-ray. As the crafty and devilishly ambitious Mayor Tom Kane, Grammer leads his intense cast in this political, slippery-slope of high drama and dangerous cunning, set along the steely backdrop of Chicago.

If the present political climate weren't so unpredictable and unstable, the near soap-opera melodrama featured in "Boss" would be highly entertaining. It's unfortunate that corruption and backstabbing play so deeply into the show's intrigue, but there is a deliciously decadent guilty pleasure reveling in Kane's selfish gains.

In this season, Mayor Kane is guaranteeing his ascent to power, as his vice on Chicago grows tighter and tighter, but with his fragile mental state still in question - absolute power corrupts. How long he can hold onto it all is debatable. "Boss" isn't as salacious as that other scandalous political drama, but it has its share of moments that take the viewer into the inner workings of big time bargaining.

Remind yourself that it's only a television series...it's perhaps a good thing you can't vote for Kane in the next primaries, but you can enjoy this addictive confection, without the bitter consequences.

"Boss" Season Two on Blu-ray features all 10 episodes of the hit series along with special commentary and a featurette "The King and His Court".

"Boss" Season Two
Available now on Blu-ray
2-disc set at $29.99

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