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A Haunted House

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Apr 23, 2013
A Haunted House

The unfortunate question that will float through your head if you subject yourself to the unfunny "A Haunted House" will be, did I really just waste 87 minutes of my precious time to watch this drivel? Unoriginal in every way, shape, and form, this rip-off of the "Scary Movie" franchise is too ribald and raunchy even for the fan of such genres.

"A Haunted House" is basically the first 4 "Paranormal Activity" films rolled together but with black actors, fart jokes, offensive racial comments, and dire sexual shenanigans. The jokes fly faster than a speeding bullet but you'll barely snicker at Marlon Waylans in an S&M leather outfit or his endless scene where he literally takes a dump on the floor.

The "Paranormal Activity" movies and the found-footage genre are ripe for a spoof and that's just what "A Haunted House" tries to be. Even the once resourceful Waylans, who gets a co-writing credit, doesn't save the film from drowning in a pool of it own redundancy.

Luckily, there is only one bonus feature to make a viewer sit through, the equally cliché "How to Survive a Paranormal Presence." The cast and crew, tongue-in-cheek of course, take us on a guide of what to do if a ghost haunts your house.

I'd scare the ghost by forcing it to sit through this movie.

"A Haunted House"

Ken Tasho is a Corporate Drone by day and Edge Contributor by night. He has a love for all things ’80’s and resides in the Wayland Square area of Providence, RI...but would much rather be sharing an apartment in NYC with ’80’s rock goddesses Pat Benatar and Deborah Harry.


  • , 2013-04-24 00:04:02

    This is a very good movie. Funny better then that Scary Movie 5 BULLSHIT

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