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by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jun 18, 2013

If you were to look up a list of schlocky B-movies in a movie compilation book, 1984's sci-fi/vampire horror flick "Lifeforce" would surely be included. Even director Tobe Hooper defines his film this way in his interview on the Blu-ray's many special features. The high-definition transfer presented by Shout Factory and approved by Hooper himself is pristine...this is the long sought after 116-minute director's cut.

Based on a book called "The Space Vampires" (a much-preferred title), "Lifeforce" has an execution which is all over the map. It's campy, bloody, intriguing, maddeningly long, and features enough female nudity and sex to make Cinemax filmmakers blush.

On a mission to investigate Halley's Comet, Carlsen (Steve Railsback - "Helter Skelter") and his crew encounter an alien spacecraft with 3 dormant crew members inside. When the aliens are brought back to Earth, the female member (a buck naked Mathilda May) seduces men and literally sucks the life out of anyone she comes into contact with in order to survive.

As the film flashes back, we learn that Carlsen fell in love with Space Girl (May) and is still in her grip to this day. Space Girl is hell-bent on turning earth into a planet of vampire zombies.

As a trashy exploitation flick, "Lifeforce" is mostly enjoyable. The interviews, all too brief and to the point, with cast members are the disappointments on this Blu-ray.

Railsback's six-minute interview could've been much longer, only skimming the surface of his feelings on the project. May, aka Space Girl, talks about her now embarrassment with the film's nudity. The Blu-ray also features a vintage making-of featurette from the 80's.

Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

Ken Tasho is a Corporate Drone by day and Edge Contributor by night. He has a love for all things ’80’s and resides in the Wayland Square area of Providence, RI...but would much rather be sharing an apartment in NYC with ’80’s rock goddesses Pat Benatar and Deborah Harry.


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