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Q The Winged Serpent

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Aug 27, 2013
Q The Winged Serpent

Shout Factory presents yet another long ago forgotten horror monster movie with "Q the Winged Serpent"from 1982. The film is mostly memorable for the bizarre and improvisational performance of Michael Moriarity ("Law & Order") and the stop-motion effects of the winged serpent.

The muddled plot goes like this: Q the winged serpent, an Aztec god, is called to Manhattan by a religious cult to tear apart the residents and visitors of New York. Like Godzilla, Q dismembers anyone in its path, including high-rise window washers, construction workers, and scantily bikini-clad women.

The best scenes in the film are when Q comes squawking down on unsuspecting victims. Moriarity plays a jewel thief who discovers the nest of Q and aids the NY police department (David Carradine and Richard Roundtree).

This spoof of the monster movies of yore has its tongue planted firmly in cheek with many in-joke references, including a jewelry store named the Neil Diamonds and horror movie posters that fill the apartment of Moriarity's character.

As much as the film is enjoyable, the high definition transfer leaves a bit to be desired. At times it looks like "Q the Winged Serpent" could be just a DVD copy. The Blu-ray details the many special effect flaws, but in hilarious fashion.

Unlike other Shout Factory releases, the special features are minimal. We are treated to an audio commentary from Larry Cohen, who wrote, produced, and directed the film and was a genre expert at the time "Q" came out. Other features are the trailer and teaser for the film, both presented in their original full-frame format.

"Q the Winged Serpent"

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