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Psycho III

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Sep 24, 2013
Psycho III

The late Anthony Perkins made his directorial debut with 1986's "Psycho III", which makes perfect sense. Who better to direct another sequel to Hitchcock's classic film than the man who played Norman Bates and knows the character inside and out?

Shout Factory's Blu-ray release of the third installment from the "Psycho" franchise comes at the perfect time too..."Bates Motel" was a recent TV hit and the popularity of the original films is at an all-time high.

This sequel picks up a few weeks after the events of "Psycho II": Norman Bates (Perkins) is as loony as ever, still living in his old childhood house after killing Mrs. Spool. He's stuffing birds, eating candy, and acting as motel manager to wayward drifter Dwayne (Jeff Fahey).

Meanwhile, a local nun Maureen (Diana Scarwid) has lost her faith and stumbles upon the Bates Motel. She also bears a striking resemblance to Marion Crane from the first "Psycho" film.

Unlike the previous film, "Psycho III" borders on intentional camp with Perkins spouting lines like "I prefer the nights." But it also falls prey to the dreaded trend of the mid 80's: "Psycho III" is uber-bloody and violent, and features disposable victims (mostly female) who get naked and split up from their friends.

"Psycho III" wisely ties up all loose ends from "Psycho II" and can be enjoyed if approached as a spoof.

The great folks at Shout Factory include some tasty special features as usual:

- Brand new audio commentary with screenwriter Charles Edward Pogue.

- New interviews with actors Fahey, Katt Shea, and Brinke Stevens, who played Diana Scarwid's nude body double.

- An interview with special effects artist Michael Westmore.

"Psycho III"

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