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Scanners II: The New Order / Scanners III: The Takeover

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Sep 10, 2013
Scanners II: The New Order / Scanners III: The Takeover

Thank you, Shout Factory, for once again introducing me to a movie franchise I never knew existed.

"Scanners 2 and 3" follow the huge 1981 cult hit "Scanners" with varying results. One is delightfully retro, while the other is embarrassingly lame, on this Blu-ray double feature. Both were direct-to-video releases in the early '90s and look brand new in their tremendous high definition format.

"Scanners II: The New Order" is a somewhat direct sequel to the original classic. David Kellum (David Hewlett "Stargate: Atlantis") is a scanner, one who has telekinetic and psychic powers. Unaware of his powers, David is called upon by a corrupt police chief (Yvon Ponton) to pit him against an evil scanner in order to take over a major city.

Tom Butler plays a devilish doctor, and "Scanners II" has quite the eyeopening introductory sequence that takes place in a video arcade. Hewlett helps make this film a step-above the normal low-budget thriller.

"Scanners III: The Takeover" features a female scanner (Liliana Komorowska) this time out; she goes on a killing spree after taking an experimental drug. It's up to her brother (Steve Parrish), a fellow scanner, to stop her.

Komorowska is unbearably bad and looks and acts like Carrie White from "Carrie" on acid, as her body contorts while she blows people away.

Neither film can really be taken seriously, and those fans up in arms about sequels to the original "Scanners" need to chill... these two low-budget sci-fi thrillers are harmless and don't detract from David Cronenberg's 1981 classic.

For a rare change, Shout Factory includes not a single special feature on this Blu-ray release.

"Scanners 2 and 3"
Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

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