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Day of the Dead

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Sep 17, 2013
Day of the Dead

The Blu-ray debut of George Romero's "Day of the Dead" is cause for rejoicing for us geeky fans of the long-running "Dead" franchise. This underrated classic doesn't hold a candle to the previous two entries in the series, "Night of the Living Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead," but it's a worthy entry regardless.

The undead are still on the loose in 1985's talky "Day of the Dead," which takes place in Florida. A military regime takes cover in an underground silo and tensions mount when they come face-to-face with scientists performing experiments on zombies.

Low-budget flaws abound on Shout Factory's Blu-ray. Romero had to shoot his third "Dead" film in basically one location, due to budget constraints.

Like Romero's other "Dead" films, this one has subtle satirical elements, especially with its depiction of the military. The main actors (Lori Cardille and Joe Pilato) are gleefully over-the-top, and most of the dialogue is done at a fever pitch as actors scream at each other constantly.

One can see the influence this particular unrated film has on other genre films/shows, particularly "The Walking Dead." This was when zombies were slow moving and menacing, as opposed to the quick beasts they've become.

A brand new 90-minute feature "World's End: The Legacy of 'Day of the Dead'" is overlong, but involving. Every main actor from the film is interviewed, as well as director Romero and makeup effects artist Tom Savini. Holdovers from the DVD release are included as well: An audio commentary with Romero and Savini, behind-the-scenes footage, and trailers and TV spots.

"Day of the Dead"

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