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by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Aug 27, 2013

From the guys who brought "Ice Age" to life and "Robots" to the big screen comes their next feat, entitled "Epic." Loosely based on the William Joyce book "The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs" the film is an animated fantasy adventure that brings in hearty elements of comedy and drama -- just as expected.

Over the last 5 years animation has become such an art, with new technology, that it's long forgotten that this, to some degree, was intended for kids.

The story follows a teenage girl transported to a magical world where she joins a determined ensemble of creatures who are protecting a garden. All this with the aid of the mythical Leaf Men to ultimately defeat the rather evil Spider Queen and so keep the vegetable patch safe. The line up of stars' voices include Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson, Colin Farrell, Christoph Waltz, Aziz Ansari, Chris O'Dowd, Pitbull, Jason Sudeikis, and even Steven Tyler and Beyoncé Knowles.

The 2-disc Blu-ray Combo Pack includes Blu-ray, DVD/Digital Copy & Digital HD and is packed with special features including behind-the-scenes footage, Mub & Grub intro, the Epic coloring and storybook builder app (available for iOS and Android devices) and two featurettes: "Rot Rocks" and "Bugs of Camouflage."

Exclusive to Blu-ray are three more featurettes: "Birds, Bugs and Slugs: Forest Explorer," "The Epic Life at Two Inches Tall" and Mysteries of Moonhaven Revealed." The Blu-ray 3D Deluxe Edition includes the feature film in 3D and 3 Epic seed cards to help you grow your own Epic garden. Packed with everything an Epic fan might want.

Lest we forget the theme song, where Beyonce and Sia "Rise up."

Blu-ray Combo Pack

Based between New York and Cape Town, Daniel Scheffler writes about socio political and travel matters and is working on a memoir. Follow him on Twitter @danielscheffler.


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