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The To Do List

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Nov 19, 2013
The To Do List

From the sublime to the ridiculous, but it is so funny. The film, "The To Do List," written and directed by Maggie Carey is the summer's raunchiest fest. It's "American Pie" revisited, but this time with a little more sex. Or maybe just a few extra sex jokes - each one is funnier than the one that came so easily before. But it's that loose tongue and even looser mind that spins this story like a proverbial bottle.

The lead, a sweet and determined Aubrey Plaza (in her first lead) wants to lose her virginity at all costs; this after she was the most together, straight A-student to ever go to school. Connie Briton, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Johnny Simmons, Clark Gregg and Rachel Bilson who are all funny, but not hysterically funny, join her. The film is as fun as it could have been with a cast like this and a script that's almost fresh and new. The hot jock, corny as ever, is the highlight of the film - he's dry and ridiculously ugly-hot. It makes the whole movie almost irresistible. Well, for some of course.

The hot jock, corny as ever, is the highlight of the film - he’s dry and ridiculously ugly-hot.

The DVD includes some deleted scenes, commentary, a gag reel ("The Re-do List") as well as two featurettes. The "Maggie Carey: Directing her To-Do List" featurette showcases the director's intimacy with the film and comedy actors starring in it, and the "Dirty Mouth" featurette is a montage of the film's key dirty seconds.

"The To Do List"

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