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by Kevin Taft
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

Strictly for kids, Disney's "Planes" was a straight-to-DVD title that was pushed to theatres for the extra cash. And it shows. While the film looks good, the story structure, themes, and execution are all bland and uninspired. Story elements are dropped (Dusty's fear of heights), and the character arc isn't anything that compelling. While this might not bug the little ones, this doesn't have the cross-over potential that most Disney films do. And whilst anyone gets confused that this is from the same people that brought you "Cars," it is not. Pixar made "Cars" and while that wasn't one of their best films, at least it appealed to all ages, not just those under five. Unless you're a big fan of flying machines or have little children in your family, you can skip this one and wait for "Frozen" to come out on Blu-ray.

Special features are slim but might amuse and/or educate the tots:

  • Exclusive Franz's Song: - A deleted scene that was actually the film's only musical number. Which probably seemed weird in a non-musical film.

  • Klay's Flight Plan - Director Klay Hall takes us (and his two teenage boys) to an airplane hangar to discuss his love of planes and lead his kids around who are clearly pretending to be interested.

  • Deleted Scenes - Two deleted scenes that were never finished and don't add much to the film.

  • Top 10 Flyers - An educational and fun look at the top 10 greatest aviators in history, including an African American woman. Great info for kids and adults alike!

  • Meet the Racers - Infomercial style ads for the film's main racing character: El Chupacabra, Ripslinger, Dusty, and Ishani.

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