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TV Terrors: The Initiation Of Sarah and Are You In The House Alone

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Dec 10, 2013
TV Terrors: The Initiation Of Sarah and Are You In The House Alone

The late-night TV movie of the week was an event not to be missed in the 1970s. Now this can be relived with "TV Terrors", two films on one DVD disc that are prime examples of a long-forgotten time. Shout Factory presents these cult films once again under their Scream Factory trademark.

The more popular "The Initiation of Sarah" was remade in the 2000s, but the one included here on DVD is the one to watch. Kay Lenz plays the title character, a mousy and shy girl who just wants to fit in during her first year of college. Her more popular sister (Morgan Brittany) joins a bitchy sorority led by uber-bitch Morgan Fairchild. Oh, and Sarah happens to have telekinetic powers.

This film also features Shelley Winters in a small role as the den mother to one of the sororities. She adds some much needed camp value to "The Initiation of Sarah."

"Are You Alone in the House?" is an odd mix of thriller and rape/revenge story. There's no campiness in this feature, as the story of a young female student (Kathleen Beller) being stalked by another student is played straight.

This bleak film also stars Blythe Danner and a young Dennis Quaid, whose small role gets larger as the movie progresses.

Shout Factory is forgiven for not including any special features this time around. At a retail price of around $15, "TV Terrors" is a great throwback Christmas gift this year.

"TV Terrors"

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