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Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Hard To Be A God

By Jake Mulligan | Jul 2
The greatest effect of "Hard to Be a God" isn't an intellectual one -- it's sensory assault.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Carla's Song

By Jake Mulligan | Jul 2
We realize the narrowness of our own perspective, whether it be toward international politics or the people who sit next to us on the bus.

Cinema Review :: Terminator Genisys

By Kevin Taft | Jul 1
The latest "Terminator" film is a sequel-ish reboot that is a bit too convoluted for its own time-hopping good.

Cinema Review :: Magic Mike XXL

By Frank J. Avella | Jul 1
Channing Tatum dominates in "XXL" and truly delivers outstanding work, and I am not just talking about his stripping techniques -- although give the man props for being able to keep up with the ridiculously limber tWitch!

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Jimmy's Hall

By Roger Walker-Dack | Jul 1
This rather enchanting tale of a man who could do a mean Bessie Smith impression is based on a very real story.

Cinema Review :: Mala Mala

By Roger Walker-Dack | Jul 1
The success of Sickles' and Santini's excellent film starts with the spot-on casting choices that they made, as each of their subjects had a compelling story to tell of their own.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Danny Collins

By Frank J. Avella | Jun 30
"Danny Collins," a moving lovely work, deserves to be given a second life on the home video and digital platforms. Lovers of film, and Pacino in particular, should seek this gem out.

Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Ghost House / Witchery Double Feature

By Ken Tasho | Jun 30
Two Italian horror gore-fests come out of the hidden movie vaults and are sure to please fans of bloody mayhem films.

Cinema Review :: Max

By Kevin Taft | Jun 26
"Max" is a total dog. There. I said it.

Cinema Review :: The Little Death

By Roger Walker-Dack | Jun 26
The movie ends up being more bizarre than bawdy although it does rely heavily on the basic assumption that many people who find sex funny will find this movie comical too.

10 thru 19 of 5763 Stories