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Review :: Deepwater Horizon

By Louise Adams | Jan 10
On the brink of a new administration's descent into environmental Armageddon, Peter Berg's reconstruction of true events, "Icarus in reverse," reminds about the devastation humans inflict on nature.

Review :: Heart of a Dog

By Jake Mulligan | Jan 10
Laurie Anderson is a storyteller, and it is her spoken narratives that give "Heart" its soul, moreso than any "multimedia." For better or worse, the images are just following along.

Review :: The Magnificent Seven

By JC Alvarez | Jan 10
"The Magnificent Seven" are once again assembled in this reboot of the western classic which would have missed the target, except that its cast are all straight shooters! It's all in there in beautiful technicolor landscapes and all!

Review :: Storks

By JC Alvarez | Jan 4
The animated adventure "Storks" finally answers the question: Where do babies come from, and can I get one with 2-day priority shipping? This sweet film will be a high-flying hit with the entire family!

Review :: Stardust Memories

By Jake Mulligan | Jan 4
Perhaps "Stardust Memories" isn't self-serving. Perhaps it is even self-aware. But that doesn't change that it's selfish.

Review :: Retake

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 3
Not just another film about a rent boy and his client, "Retake" earns its keep with an emotionally engaging, suspenseful story about clinging to the shadows of the past versus embracing the opportunities in the present.

Review :: Snowden

By Frank J. Avella | Jan 2
"Snowden" had the audacity to put forth the idea that we should be able to question our government and hold it accountable (something Stone has been arguing in his work for decades).

Review :: Roma

By Kilian Melloy | Dec 30
To understand "Roma" it's necessary to dive into, and drown oneself in, its images, incidents, and rhythms. This is the edition to take that leap if you haven't before, or to refresh yourself on the film's strange and lovely qualities.

Review :: The 3 Worlds of Gulliver

By Michael Cox | Dec 28
The special effects developed by Ray Harryhausen in this film are something to behold. But the stylized direction trades Jonathan Swifts sharp satire for kiddie camp.

Review :: Paterson

By Frank J. Avella | Dec 28
Jarmusch has always been a distinct and idiosyncratic writer-director, and with "Paterson" he continues to add to his weirdly poetic oeuvre.

10 thru 19 of 7131 Stories