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Philip Winchester :: sleepwalking (and shirtless) in new film

by Jim Halterman
Friday Apr 30, 2010

Imagine you have a history of sleepwalking but suddenly open your eyes one morning to find a knife in bed with you as well as being covered in someone else’s blood. That’s the predicament that actor Philip Winchester’s character Marcus has to contend with the new independent film release In My Sleep. For Marcus, he spends the film trying to uncover a Hitchcock-type mystery as to what happened while he was asleep, which is more than a bit complicated since Marcus is not only a sleepwalker but also a sex-addict who goes through life sleeping with just about anything with a pulse.

For viewers of the film, we get the chance to see Winchester wake up in various states of undress and his well-toned physique almost upstages the plot of the writer/director Allen Wolf’s film. EDGE’s Jim Halterman had the opportunity to ask Winchester questions about the research on sleep walking and sex addiction that he did for the role, whether the tattoo in the film is real or not and the pressure to stay in the top physical shape when he’s without clothes many times in the film.

Research on sleepwalking?

EDGE: I read in the press materials that your In My Sleep director did a lot research on walking disorders - did you do any research on sleepwalking?

Philip Winchester: I focused primarily on Marcus’ day-to-day life, the things that happened before he fell asleep. Obviously Marcus leads a very promiscuous in-the-moment life and I felt like the only way to make his night wanderings believable were if they were anchored in some truth.

EDGE: What about research on Marcus’ sex addiction?

PW: I felt to grasp the depth of addiction I had to see it first hand. I went to SA meetings and just talked with people, listening to their stories, struggles and their victories.

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  • bob montgomery, 2010-05-02 13:13:18

    I like to be sleepwalking with him :)

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