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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

by Louise Adams
Tuesday Nov 13, 2012
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

It's hard to believe that the highest grossing romantic comedy "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," is a decade old, yet still just as sweetly quaint as Toula's job as a travel agent.

Nia Vardalos's indie hit added more than just "opa!" from Greek-American culture into the zeitgeist, including initiating the "my big fat whatever" naming trend.

The added features on this 10th anniversary edition include some deleted scenes, and a 30-minute retrospective, "A Look Back," where Vardalos and co-star John Corbett reminisce about the making of the low-budget blockbuster.

Interspersed between clips and outtakes, Vardalos, who looks fantastic, recounts the film's genesis. After Vardalos and her real-life husband Ian Gomez, who plays Mike in the movie, left Chicago's Second City Theatre for Los Angeles, he found roles in television while she struggled. So she created her own work of autobiographical, ethnocentric stories, and performed the resulting one-woman show about growing up Greek, footage of which is included here as well.

Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson, who's also Greek, saw an ad in the L.A. Times, saw the play, convinced her husband to produce the film version, and the rest is $368 million dollar theatrical receipt history.

Corbett joins Vardalos to talk about his serendipitous casting in a bar, the light-hearted feel of the set, the improvisational working style of Andrea Martin (Aunt Voula), and their grueling, yet enjoyable, over 60-city press junket. The pair's affection for and exuberance about the project is still evident.

And keep your eyes open for some Windex widgets.

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
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Louise Adams is a Chicago freelance writer at www.treefalls.com (and a nom de guerre).


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