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Go Go Crazy

by Lukas Akerley
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Nov 30, 2012
Go Go Crazy

If you're looking for an award winning mockumentary, look elsewhere. "Go Go Crazy" is essentially an over hour-long gay themed "Saturday Night Live" skit. Don't take this film too seriously. It is pure gay fluff with plenty of stereotypes, glitter, and eye candy.

Hedda Lettuce sashays and stars in this 2011 mockumentary. Adult film star, Jake Steel, joins her in a ridiculous, yet fun film poking fun at reality TV competitions. It is directed by Fred Caruso, whose credits include co-directing and writing "The Big Gay Musical."

The premise is simple, five hot guys compete in a faux reality competition to be Philadelphia's next go go boy and $1000 cash prize. Yes, a chance at $1000 and the glory of being Philly's hottest commodity. The stakes are high and the competition turns cutthroat as the five sexy contestants get closer to the promise of so called fame and so called fortune.

Like any reality show, there are three judges all with personalities as big as the contestants. The three judges, two men and one woman are very "American Idol" circa 2002. The female judge doubles as CĂ©line Dion impersonator, while she doesn't really look the part, she totally nails the voice and mannerisms.

The contestants must impress the three judges with their moves and tiny Speedos. Hedda Lettuce looks fabulous as she channels her inner Ryan Seacrest and plays hostess to the competition.

The mockumentary is what you see in today’s TV reality competitions including, over the top drama, crazy judges, and plenty of entertainment.

The mockumentary is what you see in today's TV reality competitions including, over the top drama, crazy judges, and plenty of entertainment. The satirical dialogue is funny and out of control. The characters are way over the top and somewhat annoying at times. They often overact and over dramatize, but it complements the mockumentary style of the film quite nicely.

Maybe I'm just too used to High Definition movies and TV, but "Go Go Crazy" looks as though it was filmed on a camcorder, in 1999. It does take a while to get used to the very low quality filming and uninspired camera angles. What the film lacks for in cinematography, it is able to make up for with great one line dialogue, especially from Hedda Lettuce.

We are over inundated with what seems like endless reality competition shows including "The Voice," "American Idol," "The X Factor," "America's Got Talent," "Toddlers and Tiaras," just to name a few. This film does an excellent job at spoofing all crazy competition shows that saturate our televisions. Will this film make you chuckle? Yes. Is it a must see? Probably not.

The DVD is available on Dec. 4 and will include commentary from the director and cast, a blooper reel, behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes and more.

"Go Go Crazy"


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