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Silent Night

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Dec 3, 2012
Silent Night

After starring in one of the best horror film reboots, "My Bloody Valentine 3D," Jamie King returns in one of the worst remakes ever. "Silent Night" tries to mimic the campy tone of the original 1984 "Silent Night, Deadly Night" but fails in this very loose remake.

Malcolm McDowell is on hand here too, looking shell-shocked and uttering lines that thespians with far less experience than him would be ashamed to utter. He plays a character known simply as the Sheriff, who is on hand to protect the citizens of a small Wisconsin town in its annual Christmas parade. When his deputy (King) discovers a killer Santa is on the loose, it becomes horror movie cliché after cliché, with dragged-out set pieces in churches, naughty happenings in people's homes and a unique way to use a wood chipper.

While the original "Silent Night, Deadly Night" is hardly a classic, this version of "Silent Night" makes it look like an Academy Award winner. Three homages to parts one and two offer some silly enjoyment, but it isn't enough to warrant a recommendation. For special features, Behind the Scenes is a pointless look at how certain scenes were filmed, without any interviews or reasoning behind the remake. "Deleted Scenes" are scenes of dialogue that don't add anything more to the plot.

"Silent Night" gets the proverbial black coal rating and is not the perfect Christmas gift this or any year.

"Silent Night"
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