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by Harker Jones
Monday Jan 28, 2013

In writer-director Craig Zobel's thriller "Compliance," the staff of an Ohio fast-food restaurant is thrown into disarray on a busy night when a policeman calls and claims that one of the workers has stolen money from a patron. A look at the lengths to which some people will go to acquiesce to an authority figure (no matter how insane or degrading), "Compliance" is riveting for the first two-thirds of its running time. The problem is that, while this is based on a series of true events, the story does reach a point where you start wondering, Are people truly THAT gullible?

But before it goes too far, the script is a real nail-biter. Zobel makes fantastic use of the restaurant in which almost the entire thing takes place, and Dreama Walker and Ann Dowd are ace, bringing shades of complexity to their roles.

"Compliance" is riveting for the first two-thirds of its running time.

The Blu-ray extras aren't particularly plentiful, just two very short featurettes, the trailer, and an interview with the writer-director, which offers the most insight. Zobel explains that his interest was sparked by a series of psychological experiments conducted in the '60s by Yale professor Stanley Milgram in which he attempted to understand blind obedience by looking at Nazi Germany. "Compliance" may not be as disturbing as the Nazis, but an authority figure exploiting his power is twisted no matter how it's exercised.



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