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Alex Cross

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Feb 5, 2013
Alex Cross

With an advertising campaign touting Tyler Perry in the role of a lifetime, one may have very high expectations in a reboot of a semi-popular thriller series. Perry, while light years away from his comedy parts, is the most likable thing about "Alex Cross," a dull and incoherent attempt to capture the thrill of James Patterson's popular novel.

Perry takes over the role of Alex Cross from previous stalwart Morgan Freeman ("Kiss the Girls"), this Cross is a sort of prequel and reintroduces the character and his background to the audience. He plays a cat and mouse game with a new serial killer (an almost unrecognizable Matthew Fox). The two have crossed paths before, unbeknownst to Cross.

The implausibility of Fox outwitting Cross borders the film on camp, yet two somewhat enjoyable scenes of the two characters fighting to the death don't make a complete action feature.

"Alex Cross" veers a bit from the novel of the same name. This doesn't help the fact that this thriller is less than thrilling. Episodes of "NCIS" are more exciting and the PG-13 rating is confusing...grisly scenes of severed fingers and blood should have certified this movie an R rating.

Just as dullsville as the film are the special features on the Blu-ray: the commentary with director Rob Cohen is a snoozefest, while deleted scenes and "The Psychologist and the Butcher" featurette are seemingly incomplete.

For a retail price of nearly $40, "Alex Cross" needs better features and frankly, a better feature film.

"Alex Cross"

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