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Kate Nash - more salty than sweet in US tour

by Joseph Erbentraut
Monday Nov 8, 2010

When British singer-songwriter Kate Nash burst on the scene two years ago - with her fire-cracking, potty-mouthed pop full-length debut, titled Made of Bricks, a 20-year-old Nash quickly rose to the top of the charts in her home country, the next year winning the BRIT Award for best British female artist over Leona Lewis, KT Tunstall and others. She seemed on the fast track toward international celebrity status.

Fast forward two years and Nash, on the heels of her sophomore effort, My Best Friend is You, and the now 22-year-old has taken her sound in a slightly new direction, drawing inspiration from ’50s girls groups and riot grrrls like Sleater-Kinney and Bikini Kill with a sound that’s decidedly more salty and less sweet than her chart-topping debut. But despite the new edge, Nash’s music retains a cheeky charm that bodes well for her hopes of a westward conquest.

In the midst of her third North American tour, Nash spoke with EDGE about her latest album, her Halloween escapades and how she responds to journalists who ask her, "Why don’t you care about being sexy?"

Best shows

EDGE: How’s this tour going and how does it compare to your previous treks across North America?

Kate Nash: I think these are the best shows we’ve ever done actually. We’ve actually brought production to the show with some lighting and stage design that I worked on in the UK, so I’m really glad managed to take that with me.

EDGE: I believe I read somewhere that were giant frogs involved somewhere in the staging? I could be mistaken.

KN: Giant frogs!? No, I think whoever wrote that was incorrect, or they were on some kind of drugs at the show.

EDGE: Fair enough! I just watched your latest video, "Later On," which is a really fun take on a Halloween party. Did you manage to have a fun time this year?

KN: Yeah, I did. We did a show in San Francisco and dressed up for that, and then the next day we went up to a gig in Portland. There was a haunted corn maze where a man chased after me with a chainsaw. It was terrifying.

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