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Review :: Sid and Marty Krofft's les Poupées de Paris

By Steven Bergman | Jul 20
Jayne Mansfield, Liberace, Loretta Young, Phil Silvers, and Pearl Bailey are some of the artists included in this throwback to a more innocent approach to the French cabaret of the 1960s from the minds of Sid and Marty Krofft.

Review :: Paul McCartney. Fenway Park. July 17, 2016

By James Nadeau | Jul 20
Paul McCartney's fourth time at Fenway Park provided more bang for your buck than any other show I've seen in a long time.

Review :: New Dynasty

By JC Alvarez | Jul 19
Already getting great buzz with her single "Machines," Camryn releases an impressive collection of rock-tinged/electronic synth on her "New Dynasty" EP that's worth a listen.

Review :: case/lang/veirs

By Sean Maunier | Jul 16
The eponymous debut album "case/lang/veirs" draws the best of these three singer-songwriters' previous work into a project worthy of their reputations as masters of modern folk.

Review :: Wildflower

By Bill Biss | Jul 12
Needless to say, the songs presented are as intricate and unique as a snowflake creating a remarkable mix of singers, emotions and musical vibes.

Review :: Take Her Up To Monto

By Bill Biss | Jul 11
This is the time to say that Róisín Murphy's lyrics on all accounts are stunning, thought-provoking and so striking to listen to... Truly unique.

Review :: Grace

By JC Alvarez | Jul 7
Join the movement! Sony's newest contribution to the music scene is Grace and her debut album is "FMA." She kindly asks that you "forgive my attitude" but it sure makes for some sweet sounds for the summer.

Review :: Bonnie & Clyde And A Whole Lotta Jazz / Frank Wildhorn & Friends

By Steven Bergman | Jul 6
Talented performers, an intimate band, and the loose club vibe of 54 Below make this recording a worthy pickup for fans of Wildhorn's songs.

Review :: Sting & Peter Gabriel :: 'The Rock Paper Scissors' Tour

By Clinton Campbell | Jul 6
'The Rock Paper Scissors' tour featuring Sting and Peter Gabriel is a greatest hit celebration like no other.

Review :: Arlington - World Premiere Recording

By Kitty Drexel | Jul 5
"Arlington" is a one-woman plus accompanist who occasionally sings about a woman questioning her life choices.

12 thru 21 of 2369 Stories