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CD Review :: Title

By JC Alvarez | Jan 19
Pop's newest "tartlett" Meghan Trainor proves she's more than just all about the bass on "Title" - the first full-length confection from this plus-talented artist! Watch her lips (and hips) move to the top of your playlist!

CD Review :: La Vendetta...

By EDGE | Jan 5
Railing against police brutality, nuclear disaster, and Bush-era politics, while advocating peaceful ends and yelling about the struggles of love, the lyrical content of this album is as varied as the band's own 35 year career.

CD Review :: Masterpieces in Miniature

By Philip Campbell | Dec 27
Playing it through from start to finish, especially at full volume, might emphasize the still disjointed nature of the different tracks, but the editors have carefully paced the disc.

CD Review :: The Telephone - Ou l'amour a trois

By Steven Bergman | Dec 23
An enjoyable snippet of repertoire from one of America's most appreciated Italian composers.

CD Review :: Miami Grands

By Steven Bergman | Dec 8
The latest release from composer Michael Torke is a pianistic exploration through South Florida during the course of a single day.

CD Review :: Los Angeles New Music Ensemble

By Steven Bergman | Dec 4
This intriguing sextet of compositions features both old and new works performed by the Los Angeles New Music Ensemble.

CD Review :: Venice - Original Cast Recording

By Steven Bergman | Dec 3
A futuristic, hip-hop musical that blends the sounds of "In the Heights" with the aura of "The Terminator."

CD Review :: 5 Years Of Mau5

By JC Alvarez | Dec 1
A constant evolution the musical mayhem of deadmau5 returns in this retrospective look at "5 Years of mau5" - not definitive, though still stimulating, this is music lesson for the dance-weary who need an EDM pick-me-up.

CD Review :: Carnival of the Animals

By Steven Bergman | Nov 28
A family-friendly feast, celebrating animals from around the world inspires this new recording from the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra.

Theatre Review :: Aida

By Jonathan Leaf | Nov 28
The Metropolitan Opera staged an amazing rendition of Verdi's 'Aida,' with outstanding sets by Gianni Quaranta.

12 thru 21 of 2403 Stories