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Hot in Cleveland: Season Three

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Nov 30, 2012
Hot in Cleveland: Season Three

Sitcoms are back with a vengeance. "Hot in Cleveland" helped bring a generation of sitcom actors back into the spotlight and brought TV Land Network into the spotlight. Its third season, available on DVD, shows the series has matured but not necessarily improved.

The third season picks up after the events of last season's cliffhanger wedding. Victoria (Wendie Malick) considers lesbianism and a truce with Susan Lucci to revitalize her career. Joy (Jane Leeves) takes her love of young men to the next level and deals with her ex. Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) pursues love in all the wrong places and seems always outdone by the overly lovable Elka (Betty White).

The third season boasts some of television history's greatest stars including Ed Asner, Don Rickles, Carl Reiner and Joan Rivers. There are also appearances by television faves Laura San Giacomo, Sandra Bernhard, and Heather Locklear. Also included are appearances by Tiffany, Rick Springfield and Joe Jonas. The show should be called "Hot in the 80s."

The show should be called "Hot in the 80s."

The DVD includes one single bonus feature. It is a "Making of..." featurette that focuses on the steps involved in creating the show including table reads, live tapings, rehearsals. There is also a special focus on the relationship between the four female leads plus interviews with the cast and creators.

"Hot in Cleveland" is not the most imaginative series or the most creative, funny or mind-blowing. However, it's a cute show that keeps the 1980s sitcom alive and well and the actors of that genre alive in audiences' hearts.

"Hot in Cleaveland: Season 3"

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