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Being Human - The Complete Second Season

by JC Alvarez
Saturday Jan 5, 2013
Being Human - The Complete Second Season

Who would have thought that "Being Human" in its second season could get all that complicated? When our favorite little monsters returned for another run on the SyFy Network original series they found themselves diving into the politics of the undead, the true power of the undead, and the passionate allure of the afterlife. After acclimating to the learning curve, living their lives amongst the human population as just regular folk, doesn't seem like what the rest of the world is prepared for.

With Bishop, Boston's former reigning vampire no longer in the picture, Aidan (the sexy Sam Witwer) has taken on the care of keeping the vampire population from eating everyone in sight. That is until "Mother," the resident Vampire Queen, intervenes and has Aidan resurrect her daughter. Aidan now has to curb his tendencies as the Princess works her feminine wiles into returning him to his wicked ways.

In the meantime, fellow roommate and BFF, Josh (Sam Huntington) is dealing with the guilt of having attacked his girlfriend Nora whose turning feral is complicating their still blossoming relationship. Now throw an ex fiancée into the mix to really stir the pot. And ghost gal pal Sally (Meaghan Rath) is looking for a way into the light after passing up her opportunity. Something has come through into our world - a shadowy figure is now haunting her and that can't be good for anyone!

Who said three's company? With enough supernatural fun and witty repartee "Being Human" raises the stakes in Season 2 and still delivers on the blood, sweat and fears of a good horror scare! And the Blu-ray is packed with additional on the set interviews with the handsome cast.

"Being Human" The Complete Second Season
Available in a 4-disc Blu-ray set for $39.99

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