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Dance Moms - Season Two - Volumes 1 & 2

by JC Alvarez
Monday Jan 14, 2013
Dance Moms - Season Two - Volumes 1 & 2

The Abby Lee Dance School is open and "Dance Moms" Season 2 starts on an encouraging note - everyone is replaceable! So Abby holds open auditions to bring in some new blood...and the moms are not happy. If the competitive drama wasn't so intense and engaging, television audiences would be calling child services on this over-ambitious and over-bearing cast of stage moms looking to make dance stars of their talented troupe of little ladies.

Abby Lee Miller's dance school is the hottest thing in Pittsburg, PA - that's obvious when more kids and moms line up around the block for the coveted spot on the team. It's unfortunate that the established group of "prima-mamas" already have decided to hate whoever comes into their little dysfunctional family. Who knew the competitive world of dancing would be so cutthroat? Behind all those perfectly calculated and desperate housewife smiles, these ladies are sharpening their tongues and sharpening their claws - and their kids are just a casualty of the drama.

Abby is relentless in her treatment of her troupe of dancers - and even the kids are reaching their limits. Tensions rise to a fever pitch, especially when the competition, the dreaded "Candy Apples" Dance Academy, attempts to seduce the ladies over to the other side. It's hard to enjoy the dance team's successes with all the evil cat fights in the midst of it all.

It's slightly depressing to participate in the victimized cruelty that these kids endure because of their glory-seeking stage mothers, but even Abby's hardcore intimidation becomes laughable - it's a dance competition. Let's put things in perspective. As far as reality television shows go "Dance Moms" is an extreme exercise is what makes a reality show "good TV" - screaming, scheming, and scandalous.

There's no denying that some of these kids are talented, but some are outright mediocre. It just raises the question on the authenticity of this show to appear creditable. There are hundreds of dancers on Broadway and how many emerged from the competitive dance circuit is unconfirmed. It doesn't matter though because "Dance Moms" Season 2 is all about the nastiness among the moms, the over-the-top arrogance in Abby, and the defying level of decibels raised in those screaming matches. Viewers are guaranteed the worst kind of behavior among the adults even more dastardly than the table tossing on by housewives. "Dance Moms" could mop the floor with those chicks!

All 25 "Dance Moms" Season 2 episodes including extended season finales not seen before are included in two volume packages that include the bonus reunion shows Parts 1 & 2 and a bonus episode of "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" with a collection of "Dance Moms" shorts.

"Dance Moms" Season 2 Volumes 1 & 2
Available on DVD each for $15.99

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