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Disney on Ice: "Dare to Dream"

by Jackie Fender
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Sunday Nov 11, 2012
Rapunzel and Flynn with the Disney princes and princesses
Rapunzel and Flynn with the Disney princes and princesses  

Disney on Ice's presentation of "Dare to Dream" is a journey through three popular Disney Princess tales of adventure and love conquering all.

The real joy of a Disney on Ice show is seeing the children's eyes gleam with anticipation and awe, beaming smiles across their faces, their little mouths agape with wonder.

Classic, much loved characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy introduced the evening's happenings. These four, along with a cast of skaters, kick off the show with a song and dance reminiscent of Mary Poppins. The majestic lighting contributes to the perceived awe. All lighting is focused on the rink and even then exudes a soft blue hue with spotlights keeping the attention on character solos. It manages to really set the tone with each story line.

The first film to be featured is the jazzy, voodoo New Orleans-set "Princess and the Frog." The dubious voodoo man Mr. Facilier turns Prince Naveen into a frog. Costume designers must have had great fun with the show. While some characters dazzle in traditional costuming like waitress turned frog turned Princess Tiana, others really wow with elaborate masks and cumbersome looking get-ups that undoubtedly take great skill to ice skate in, like the trumpet-playing alligator, Louis.

The story is presented in a condensed form and skimps on some of the story line but sticks to the basics with loads of shimmy and shake. Anyone familiar with the animated film version was probably relieved that this is much more kid-friendly as the ending in the other can be quite dark and perhaps scary when using more easy to relate to human characters.

While all of the stories remained focused on the kiddies, parents got in some "oohs and aahs" with moderately impressive ice skating theatrics with twirls and jumps.

Classic Cinderella was up next. Cinderella's evil stepsisters and stepmother done-up masks and make-up oozed of their nefarious ways to the audience. Meanwhile, larger than life versions of our favorite little mouse friends and the Fairy Godmother shined and captured waves and delight from little girls (and boys) from their seats.

Cinderella being whisked away in her magical lit carriage was a real joy and a true sight to see carrying an air of surreal beauty. Likely to be my personal favorite part of the Cinderella portion was Prince Charming taking the glass slipper in search of his Princess and trying it on several little princess audience members, le sigh. If you don't think that's adorable, you have no heart.

Intermission was smack dab in the middle of Cinderella was a continuation of glee with cotton candy and light up thingamajigs being peddled and a chipper looking Zamboni smiling at the audience as it did its rounds refreshing the ice.

"Tangled," the Disney version of Rapunzel, was the last to be featured and the most impressive of all. While all of the stories remained focused on the kiddies, parents got in some "oohs and aahs" with moderately impressive ice skating theatrics with twirls and jumps. But "Tangled" bumped that up a notch with aerial acts while skaters portraying Rapunzel and her love interest, cocky Flynn Rider, twirled high above the rink together on ribbons of golden locks. This is likely to be the one and only time you are going to watch a horse on skates!

Throughout the production, Disney on Ice wowed with magical ambiance, intricate costuming, ice-skating theatrics and just the right amount of glitter-clad characters and comedy relief.

The show closed out with each of the Disney Princesses coming out for a great ball that included Snow White, Mulan and Princess Jasmine. Though by the sounds of applause, auburn-haired beauty Princess Ariel won the most popular vote by the wee ones. Sparklers lit up the room from the castle stairs to finalize the grandiose promenade were simply a mirror of what you could sense was going on behind the eyes and inside the hearts of the boys and girls who just witnessed the show of their lives.

"Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream" ran through Nov. 13 in Seattle’s Comcast Arena, 2000 Hewitt Avenue in Everett. The show will move to the Spokane Arena through Nov. 18 before moving to Canada. For info or tickets, visit http://www.ticketnetwork.com/tickets/disney-on-ice-dare-to-dream-tickets.aspx


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