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Gay Couples Want Kentucky Clerk to Reissue Marriage Licenses

NATIONAL | By Adam Beam and Claire Galofaro | Sep 22
Gay couples in Kentucky are questioning the validity of altered marriage licenses issued by a defiant county clerk and have asked a federal judge to order her to reissue the licenses or put the office in receivership and have someone else do it.

Lesbian Couple Gets License at Clerk's Office

A same-sex couple has received a marriage license in Rowan County, the first to be issued since clerk Kim Davis returned to work after being jailed for defying a federal judge.

Gay Couples Exchange Vows During Mount Rushmore Celebration

Seven gay couples exchanged vows and another couple renewed their vows Sunday during a group wedding at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Music of Love: Gay Nuptials in Nashville

By Matthew Wexler | Sep 7
"If music be the food of love, play on," wrote William Shakespeare more than 400 years ago. Hopefully the Bard is dancing in heaven at the site of gay and lesbian couples celebrating their nuptials in Nashville, otherwise known as Music City.

What's In It for Kim?

Kim Davis has become a galvanizing personality with her defiance against Federal edicts concerning LGBT marriage. She's also been pretty much silent, which leads to speculation as to just what is her end game?

Lush Nuptials: Getting Married or Honeymooning in Savannah

FAMILY | By Matthew Wexler | Sep 4
Head to Savannah for a backdrop of lush floral gardens where historical architecture reigns supreme. Wedding and honeymoon opportunities abound amid thousands of examples of Victorian Regency, Gothic Revival, Federal, and Italianate designs.

Kim Davis Update :: No Compromise, She Remains in Jail

The latest on the county clerk in Kentucky who has refused to issue marriage licenses since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage.

Is a Defiant Kim Davis 'Waiting to Cash in?' Dan Savage Thinks So

Dan Savage addresses Kim Davis' defiance of Federal law and wonders, is her game plan to be a martyr for a cause that will lead to a big payoff in the future?

How to Get Hitched in Austin, Texas

By Matthew Wexler | Aug 31
There are lots of options for a bigger-than-life Texan nuptial, but we've set our sights on locavore-centric Austin, which has always been a beacon of blue in a primarily red state.

Rowan County Clerk Closes Office Ahead of Gay Rights Protest

The Kentucky clerk at the center of a conflict over same-sex marriage closed her office Saturday ahead of a rally protesting her refusal to issue marriage licenses.

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