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Billie Jean King: On Sochi Olympics, Gay Rights

By Melissa Murphy | Monday Mar 3, 2014
Billie Jean King opens up about the Sochi Olympics gay rights and LGBT people in the sports world.

Sochi Cleans Up as World Leaves Olympics Behind

By Ted Anthony | Monday Feb 24, 2014
By the busload, the world’s athletes and visitors rolled toward Sochi’s airport and took off for home Monday, fresh from a Winter Games experience that many Russians pronounced a smashing success.

Cossack ’Held Accountable’ In Attack on Pussy Riot

By Nataliya Vasilyeva | Saturday Feb 22, 2014
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said Saturday the Cossack who horsewhipped members of Pussy Riot has been "held accountable" for the attack.

Human Rights Pledge Urged for Future Olympic Hosts

By David Crary | Saturday Feb 22, 2014
Citing widespread dismay with Russia’s anti-gay laws, a coalition of more than 30 human rights and gay rights groups is calling on the Int’l Olympic Committee to ensure that future Olympic host countries do not have discriminatory laws on their bo

Column: Sochi Games Finally Get Their ’Wow’ Moment

By John Leicester | Thursday Feb 20, 2014
As Adelina Sotnikova finished her gold medal-winning skate, only the Olympic ice felt nothing, because it is cold and hard. Russian hearts - passionate, patriotic and on this night bursting with warmth - melted for their new champion.

Under Armour Stumbles in Olympic Sponsorship

By Mae Anderson | Thursday Feb 20, 2014
The 2014 Sochi Olympics were expected to be a triumphant moment for the U.S. speedskating team - and the squad’s sponsor, Under Armour. It’s been anything but that.

Russian Security Forces Attack Pussy Riot Members

By Nataliya Vasilyeva | Wednesday Feb 19, 2014
Cossack militia attacked the Pussy Riot punk group with horsewhips on Wednesday as the group tried to perform under a sign advertising the Sochi Olympics.

IOC: Protests At Olympic Sites Are Inappropriate

By | Wednesday Feb 19, 2014
The IOC says it would be "wholly inappropriate" for the Russian punk group Pussy Riot to protest at Sochi Olympic sites.

Ukraine Crisis Felt Among Athletes at Olympics

By Angela Charlton and Tim Dahlberg | Wednesday Feb 19, 2014
Others tried to keep it from him, but Dmytro Mytsak knew what had happened before he took to the slopes.

US Warship Deployed Near Sochi Runs Aground

By | Wednesday Feb 19, 2014
The U.S. Navy says one of two U.S. warships dispatched to the Black Sea before the Sochi Winter Olympics is being inspected for damage after it ran aground at a Turkish port last week.

No Olympics in Anti-Gay Countries, Reads IOC’s Principle 6

By | Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
In response to criticism of Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law, The International Olympics Committee has proposed a new rule based on one of the Olympic Charter principles that could prevent any country with homophobic laws from hosting the Olympic Games.

Olympic Day of Politics and Power on the Slopes

By Fred Lief | Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
On a day when the mountain courses seemed better suited for the crawl or butterfly but posed no obstacle to Tina Maze, the Sochi Olympics took a more overt political turn.

Putin in Sochi: A Disciplined Show

By Jim Heintz | Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
So far during the Winter Olympics, Vladimir Putin hasn’t shown off his pecs, scuba-dived to a treasure site or engaged in any sort of the he-man stunts he’s known for.

IOC Defends Monday’s Removal of Gay Activist

By Nataliya Vasilyeva | Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
The International Olympic Committee on Tuesday defended the removal of an Italian gay rights activist from a Sochi arena, saying she was "escorted from there peacefully" and not detained.

2 Members of Punk Group Pussy Riot Held in Sochi

By Nataliya Vasilyeva | Tuesday Feb 18, 2014
A member of the punk group Pussy Riot said she and one of her bandmates were detained Tuesday while walking in downtown Sochi, the host city of the Winter Olympics.

Gay Activist Says She Was Detained at Olympics

By Nataliya Vasilyeva | Monday Feb 17, 2014
An Italian gay-rights activist said she was detained by police at the Olympics after being stopped while carrying a rainbow flag that read in Russian: "Gay is OK." Police on Monday denied this happened.

In Sochi, Olympic Security Increasingly Uneven

By Angela Charlton | Monday Feb 17, 2014
Hotel guests are walking, unchecked, past unused metal detectors. Security guards are no longer poking around at the pockets and ankles of every single person entering Olympic facilities.

Gay Rights Activist Detained at Olympic Park

By Nataliya Vasilyeva | Monday Feb 17, 2014
An Italian activist shouting "It’s OK to be gay" and dressed in a rainbow-colored outfit and large headdress was detained Monday as she entered an arena to watch an Olympic hockey game.

Costas Returns to Olympic Coverage

By Jim Litke | Monday Feb 17, 2014
Bob Costas returns as host for NBC’s prime-time Olympic coverage Tuesday night, if still not exactly clear-eyed, at least with a sharpened sense of respect for the colleagues and crew who covered for him during a six-day absence.

Olympic Viewing: Sagging Ratings, Costas to Rescue

By David Bauder | Monday Feb 17, 2014
Ol’ Red Eyes is coming back! NBC said that Bob Costas will return Monday night as host of the network’s prime-time telecast. Matt Lauer filled in one last time on Sunday.

Sochi Scene: Rihanna Weighs In

By | Sunday Feb 16, 2014
A campaign for gay rights in Russia and at the Sochi Games is getting some star backing from Rihanna.

Obama Names Delegation To Closing Ceremony

By | Saturday Feb 15, 2014
The White House says that former tennis great Billie Jean King, who couldn’t attend the opening of the Sochi Olympics because of her mother’s illness, will be a member of President Barack Obama’s official delegation to the Games’ closing ceremony

Guess Who Dropped by USA House? Vladimir Putin

By Angela Delli Santi and Stephen Wilson | Friday Feb 14, 2014
In a powerful symbol of international sports detente, Russian President Vladimir Putin dropped in on U.S. Olympic headquarters Friday to chat about the Winter Games and the upcoming Russia-U.S. hockey showdown.

Chobani to Donate Yogurt Meant For Olympics

By Candice Choi | Thursday Feb 13, 2014
Chobani’s quest to get its Greek yogurt to the Sochi Olympics is coming to an end.

5 Things to Know About Chilly US-Russian Relations

By Deb Riechmann | Thursday Feb 13, 2014
Here are five of the issues where U.S.-Russian relations have run off course.

US Delegation Member Calls Olympic Trip ’Humbling’

By Jimmy Golen | Thursday Feb 13, 2014
A member of the U.S. delegation sent to the Olympics by President Barack Obama says she witnessed no backlash over the inclusion of homosexuals in the group as an apparent protest against Russia’s anti-gay laws.

Here’s Johnny! Clothes Make the Man and Vice Versa

By Jim Litke | Wednesday Feb 12, 2014
He promised himself something the first time he ever laced up a pair of skates. It’s the same thing Johnny Weir returns to in those quiet moments most evenings, just before the TV camera’s "on-air" light flashes red.

NBC: Costas Out for a 2nd Night of Sochi Coverage

By | Wednesday Feb 12, 2014
An eye infection will keep Bob Costas off NBC’s prime-time Olympic broadcast for a second straight night.

US Luge Team Mixed on Canadian Viral Video

By | Tuesday Feb 11, 2014
A popular Canadian viral video protesting Russia’s "gay propaganda" law that was launched on the eve of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi has drawn mixed reactions from the U.S.A luge team.

English Gay Footballer Slams FIFA on Russia, Qatar

By | Monday Feb 10, 2014
A leading figure within the English Football Association says she won’t go to the World Cups in Qatar and Russia because of their anti-gay laws.

IOC: Black Armbands, Helmet Stickers Not Allowed

By Stephen Wilson | Monday Feb 10, 2014
The IOC is telling Olympic athletes they may not wear armbands or stickers during competition to commemorate the dead.

Out Speedskater Takes Gold at Sochi Olympics

By Paul Newberry | Monday Feb 10, 2014
Openly gay speedskater Ireen Wust claimed a gold medal at her third straight Winter Olympics, knocking off defending champion Martina Sablikova in the 3,000 meters Sunday.

Sochi Drone Shooting Olympic TV, Not Terrorists

By Angela Charlton | Monday Feb 10, 2014
That drone you might have spotted hovering and zipping around the Sochi Olympic slopes isn’t searching for terrorists or gay rights activists. It’s being used to transmit live video of snowboard and ski jump competitions to a screen near you.

Sochi Scene: `Y-M-C-A’

By | Sunday Feb 9, 2014
"Y.M.C.A," for many a gay anthem, was played at full blast by organizers over the public address system at the Adler Arena speedskating oval during Saturday’s competition.

Gay Ski Jumper Says Protests Aren’t Worth It

By | Sunday Feb 9, 2014
An openly gay women’s ski jumper says protests against Russia’s law banning homosexual "propaganda" aimed at minors aren’t worth it because "no one cares."

Life Goes On For Gays In Olympic Sochi

By Nataliya Vasilyeva | Sunday Feb 9, 2014
The mascara-lined eyes of a petite man dressed in a tuxedo greet visitors after they buzz at the armor-plated door of a one-storey building. Welcome to the Mayak cabaret, the most reputable gay club in Sochi, and one of the few safe places for gays.

Sochi’s Yogurt Spat

By Karl Ritter | Saturday Feb 8, 2014
U.S. Olympians will have to make do without the team’s official yogurt. Some 5,000 cups of Greek yogurt from Team USA sponsor Chobani isn’t getting to Sochi because of a customs dispute with Russia.

Russian Military Choir "Get Lucky" In Sochi

By | Saturday Feb 8, 2014
Have you ever wondered what the hit TV show "GLEE" would look like if it were set in a homophobic totalitarian regime, and the cast was replaced by middle-aged white men sorely lacking in rhythm or smiles?

Russia kicks off Sochi Games with hope and hubris

By Angela Charlton and Nataliya Vasilyeva | Saturday Feb 8, 2014
A Russia in search of global vindication kicked off the Sochi Olympics looking more like a Russia that likes to party, with a pulse-raising opening ceremony about fun and sports instead of terrorism, gay rights and coddling despots.

Chevy Olympic Ads Feature Gay Couple

By | Saturday Feb 8, 2014
While several Olympic sponsors have spoken out against Russia’s restrictions on gay rights ahead of the Sochi Winter Games, Chevrolet is rolling out two ads during the U.S. broadcast of the opening ceremony on Friday that feature gay couples.

Toronto mayor wants rainbow protest flag removed

By Rob Gillies | Saturday Feb 8, 2014
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wants to remove a rainbow flag at City Hall that protests Russia’s law restricting gay-rights activities, and he hoisted a Canadian flag in his office window in response on Friday.

Putin’s Facebook ’A Look Back’ Movie

By | Saturday Feb 8, 2014
Imagine you were Facebook friends with Vladimir Putin. Ever wonder what his Facebook movie might look like?

Meet Two Openly Gay Athletes Competing at The Winter Olympics

By Mike Halterman | Saturday Feb 8, 2014
Perhaps gay people should watch some of the games, if anything, to root for two openly gay athletes who will be out and proud, defiant in the face of Russian hatred and ignorance. Here are profiles of those athletes.

Gay Rights a Non-Issue for Asian Leaders at Sochi

By Ken Moritsugu | Friday Feb 7, 2014
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Chinese counterpart appear not to be bothered by the international ruckus over Russia’s law restricting gay rights.

A Few Things to Watch With the Olympics Beginning

By Eddie Pells | Friday Feb 7, 2014
Here is a short list of things to watch as the action gets going in earnest.

Google Makes Statement About Russian Anti-Gay Law

By | Friday Feb 7, 2014
Google makes a stand on Russia’s anti-gay law just before the Sochi Olympics begin.

Fake Lesbian Pop Act t.A.T.u. to Perform at Opening Ceremony

By | Friday Feb 7, 2014
The once popular Russian duo known as t.A.T.u., who became known for sort of being lesbians in the mid-2000s, are scheduled to perform at the Olympics’ opening ceremony in Sochi, Russia, on Friday, Feb. 7.

5 Things to Know About the Sochi Olympics

By | Friday Feb 7, 2014
Fast five, Friday edition: Things you’ll want to know about the 2014 Winter Olympics.

IOC President: ’It’s Time it Finally Starts’

By Stephen Wilson | Friday Feb 7, 2014
The sun’s out. The athletes are ready. Let’s get this show started.

Pop Singer Annie Releases Pro-Gay/Anti-Putin ’Russian Kiss’ Video

By | Friday Feb 7, 2014
Norwegian pop singer Anne Lilia Berge Strand, better know as simply Annie, released a new music video called "Russian Kiss" Friday after teasing the song earlier this week.

Got Luge?: Civil Rights Org Launches Social Media Campaign on Eve of Olympics

By | Friday Feb 7, 2014
Move over men’s figure skating. Step aside ice dancing. The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion (CIDI) has dubbed the two-man luge as the single most gay event in the Winter Olympic Games. No if’s, ands, or butts.

Sochi Olympics Kick Off With Grand Opening

By Angela Charlton | Friday Feb 7, 2014
Sochi lit up Thursday with music and dance to unleash the ultimate achievement of Vladimir Putin’s Russia: a Winter Olympics to showcase the best athletes on ice and snow that the world has to offer.

Putin: Sports Should Be Focus of Sochi Olympics

By | Friday Feb 7, 2014
Russian President Vladimir Putin says sports should take center stage during the Winter Olympics and not debate over gay rights.

4 Gay Rights Activists Arrested in St. Petersburg

By | Friday Feb 7, 2014
Russian police have arrested four gay rights activists protesting in St. Petersburg on the opening day of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Fear Hackers? Sochi is Little Worse than Elsewhere

By Raphael Satter | Friday Feb 7, 2014
How safe is Sochi for your electronics and personal data?

Russian Deputy PM on Gay Rights: Leave Kids Alone

By | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
Russia’s deputy prime minister has confirmed the Kremlin’s view on gay rights in Sochi, asking athletes to "leave the kids alone."

How Russia Enforces Its Ban on Gay ’Propaganda’

By Laura Mills | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
When the Sochi Winter Olympics begin Friday, many will be watching to see whether Russia will enforce its law banning gay "propaganda" to minors if athletes, fans or activists wave rainbow flags or speak out in protest.

In Sochi, New Complaints About Russia Anti-Gay Law

By Oskar Garcia | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
Complaints about a Russian law criticized as a stifling of gay rights rose anew Wednesday, just days before the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Can the Games Begin? :: Putin’s Folly?

By | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
Even if the Winter Games go off without a hitch, Sochi has already become a public relations nightmare for the Russian government, which is getting hit from all sides.

UN Chief Denounces Attacks on LGBT People

By Stephen Wilson | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned attacks and discrimination against homosexuals on Thursday, touching on the gay rights issue in Russia that has overshadowed preparations for the Sochi Olympics.

Glance: Olympic Sponsors on Russia’s Anti-Gay Law

By | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
Led off by a blog post from AT&T on Tuesday, a total of three sponsors of the U.S. Olympic team have openly condemned the law so far, but leading global sponsors have not joined them.

More Olympic-Linked Furor Over Russia Anti-Gay Law

By David Crary | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
Protesters in cities around the world targeted major Olympic sponsors Wednesday, just ahead of the Winter Games in Sochi, urging them to speak out against Russia’s law restricting gay-rights activities.

Sochi Says 65 World Leaders Coming to Olympics

By Stephen Wilson | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
A record number of world dignitaries are coming to the Sochi Olympics, triple the amount that attended the 2010 Vancouver Games, Russian organizers said Thursday on the eve of the opening ceremony.

Sochi’s Opening Show: Let Putin’s Games Begin

By Angela Charlton | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
The ceremony opening the Sochi Olympics on Friday, more than anything, will be about one man: Vladimir Putin.

Gay Gulag

By Will O’Bryan | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
Russia’s moment in the luge limelight is being colored by fears of terrorism and the country’s crackdown on human rights - particularly against the LGBT community.

Gays Protest Outside NYC Russian Consulate

By | Thursday Feb 6, 2014
Gay activists are protesting outside New York City’s Russian consulate as the winter Olympics start in Sochi, Russia.

Can the Games Begin? :: Success Breeds...WHAT?

By | Wednesday Feb 5, 2014
For now, the jury is definitely out on what’s in store in Sochi. When the Winter Olympics begin this month, there will be many hanging in the air, from the threat of a terrorist attack to the possibility of shoddy construction creating serious fissures.

USOC Sponsor AT&T Condemns Russia’s Anti-gay Law

By Oskar Garcia | Wednesday Feb 5, 2014
U.S. Olympic Committee sponsor AT&T has condemned a Russian law restricting gay-rights activity as Sochi prepares to host the Winter Olympics.

UN Panel: Russia Should Annul Gay ’Propaganda’ Law

By | Wednesday Feb 5, 2014
A U.N. committee on children’s rights urged Russia on Wednesday to repeal its law banning pro-gay "propaganda" that could be accessible to minors, arguing that the legislation encourages discrimination and even violence.

US Figure Skater Wagner Likes Sochi’s Rainbow Hues

By Rachel Cohen | Wednesday Feb 5, 2014
American figure skater Ashley Wagner loves the multihued designs all around the Sochi Olympics - they remind her of a rainbow gay pride flag.

Putin, Recalling Boston Bombers, Wants Sochi Safe

By Angela Charlton | Wednesday Feb 5, 2014
President Vladimir Putin pointed Wednesday to the Boston Marathon bombings as a big reason for the intense security around the Winter Olympics that Russia is kicking off this week.

Billie Jean King Won’t Attend Sochi Opening

By Melissa Murphy | Wednesday Feb 5, 2014
Billie Jean King will not attend Friday’s opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics in Russia because her mother is ill.

IOC President Slams Politicians Over Sochi Olympics

By Stephen Wilson | Tuesday Feb 4, 2014
IOC President Thomas Bach accused world leaders Tuesday of using the Sochi Olympics as a political platform "on the backs of the athletes," and of snubbing the games without even being invited.

IOC President Pays Tribute to Volgograd Bombing Victims

By Stephen Wilson | Tuesday Feb 4, 2014
IOC President Thomas Bach paid tribute Tuesday to the victims of the recent suicide bombings in southern Russia that killed 34 people and heightened security concerns for the Sochi Olympics.

Can the Games Begin? :: Snubbed by World Leaders

By | Tuesday Feb 4, 2014
President Barack Obama, no great friend to Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, sent a clear and direct signal about exactly what he thinks of the upcoming Winter Games in Sochi when he assigned the U.S. Delegation to several out athletes.

Can the Games Begin? :: The Sponsors

By | Monday Feb 3, 2014
In a few days, the 2014 Winter Olympics will have begun, and with them, a host of attendant controversies. LGBT protesters have managed to put their own mark on the Olympics in a way never before seen at a major sporting event.