World AIDS Day 2010

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California man uses Facebook to combat HIV/AIDS stigma

NATIONAL | By Megan Barnes | Dec 17
Xavier Mejia, who disclosed his own HIV status on Facebook after this year’s World AIDS Day, uses the social medium to further reduce the virus’ stigma through information, news and other posts.

AIDS Project Rhode Island executive director resigns

NATIONAL | By Joe Siegel | Dec 9
Stephen Hourahan, who led the AIDS Project of Rhode Island for the past year, will leave the organization after Gov.-elect Lincoln Chafee appointed him as a senior adviser.

Seattle commemorates World AIDS Day

NATIONAL | By Shaun Knittel | Dec 6
Hundreds of Seattleites attended the seventh annual World AIDS Day Luncheon at the Seattle Convention Center on Wednesday, Dec. 1.

"Schmear" protest targets Bloomberg’s HIV/AIDS budget cuts

NATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Dec 3
Police arrested nine protestors who dressed as bagels outside Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s annual World AIDS Day breakfast in Brooklyn on Wednesday, Dec. 1.

Curbing "an epidemic within an epidemic"

NATIONAL | By Joseph Erbentraut | Dec 1
Activists see World AIDS Day as an opportunity to highlight the disproportionate impact the epidemic continues to have on transgender people.

D.C. officials battle HIV/AIDS epidemic

NATIONAL | By Michael K. Lavers | Dec 1
With 3.2 percent of the District of Columbia’s residents living with HIV/AIDS, public health officials and service providers continue to grapple with an infection rate that rivals those found in some sub-Saharan African countries.

World AIDS Day is a cabaret

MUSIC | By Sylvia Rodemeyer | Dec 1
Alan Rachins of "L.A. Law," Jill Ann Gabrielle, Alison Lewis, Diana Mera and Perry Lambert are among those scheduled to perform at Hollywood Remembers on Wednesday, Dec. 1.

Aging With HIV

HEALTH | By James Masten | Dec 1
Only a few years ago, this was a problem no one thought possible, but today, people with HIV are living long enough to open a whole new field: HIV gerontology. A prominent expert in the field explains.

HIV Prevention: Educating the Next Generation

NATIONAL | By Peter Cassels | Dec 1
How to reach teens with a safe-sex message has become mired in controversy over whether such efforts prevent disease or encourage sexual behavior. EDGE takes a look at the way the religious right is attempting to frame the argument.

How to Stem Gay People of Color’s High HIV Infection Rates

HEALTH | By Michael D. Shankle and Uriah Bell | Dec 1
Nowhere is the AIDS crisis more pronounced than in black and Hispanic men who have sex with men. Two renowned experts in the field discuss why the rates of infection are so high for gay men of color -- and what can be done to stem the tide.

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