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Dec 1 :: 12am
HIV-positive activist in Boston

Dec 1 :: 1am
San Francisco Paramedic

Dec 1 :: 2am
Magnet SF volunteer and long-term survivor

Dec 1 :: 3am
Los Angeles Comedian

Dec 1 :: 4am
NYC AIDS Activist

Dec 1 :: 5am
Southern Floridian, HIV+ for over 25 years

Dec 1 :: 6am
Staff, Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago

Dec 1 :: 7am
Sergio, a flight attendant in San Francisco, was straight when the AIDS epidemic began. Now he's gay and still negative - but takes safer sex seriously.

Dec 1 :: 8am
Long-term survivor in NYC

Dec 1 :: 9am
Public Relations Director, Broward House Inc in Southern Florida

Dec 1 :: 9:30am
Hollywood-based writer and director

Dec 1 :: 10am
A gay man from San Francisco with a remarkable story

Dec 1 :: 10:30am
New York health therapist and AIDS "Elder"

Dec 1 :: 11am
"Rainbow and Triangles" owner, NYC

Dec 1 :: 11:30am
HIV-positive trans activist from Boston

Dec 1 :: 12pm
HIV-positive man from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dec 1 :: 12:30pm
Popular actor from "Will & Grace" and "Curb Your Enthusiams"

Dec 1 :: 1pm
President of AIDS Action Committee in Boston

Dec 1 :: 1:30pm
HIV+ Event promoter, New York

Dec 1 :: 2pm

Dec 1 :: 2:30pm
Project coordinator for SMILE in Chicago

Dec 1 :: 3pm
Owner of Club Cafe in Boston

Dec 1 :: 3:30pm
"Sarah Silverman Program" alum

Dec 1 :: 4pm
Young clubgoers in Ft. Lauderdale

Dec 1 :: 4:30pm
Physician, Fenway Community Health Center, Boston

Dec 1 :: 5pm
HIV-positive latino man in NYC

Dec 1 :: 5:30pm
Australian actor living in Los Angeles

Dec 1 :: 6pm
Young indian man living in Chicago

Dec 1 :: 6:30pm
Community organizer, Magnet SF

Dec 1 :: 7pm
Human rights activist from Venezuela

Dec 1 :: 7:30pm
MALE Center, Boston

Dec 1 :: 8pm
Actress from "Weeds" and "Desperate Housewives"

Dec 1 :: 8:30pm
Owner, Humpy's Pizza, Ft. Lauderdale

Dec 1 :: 9pm
Peruvian man working at Howard Brown Medical Center in Chicago

Dec 1 :: 10pm
Latino HIV+ man from NYC

Dec 1 :: 11pm
Bartender at Georgie's Alibi, Ft. Lauderdale

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