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In The Gym with COLT Supermodel Gage Weston

by Carl Rishi
Friday Sep 25, 2009

At an early age some of us boys plaster our teen bedroom walls with muscle bound studs that we would love to be with and look like. Yes, it was good old Hulk Hogan who told all of us boys of a certain age to: "Say your prayers and eat your vitamins" so, at the age of eight I worked out feverishly on my Hulk Hogan workout set! Soon after I was sweating with Cher and her step aerobics home video. My first tent was pitched over Marky Mark and the New Kids On The Block and they inspired me to join a gym and avoid wearing shirts whenever possible.

Today there is a new crop of muscle boys in town and the best bodies have always been found in the stable of COLT STUDIOS. COLT set a high standard for a young boy to live up to if he's looking to get a date in any given boys town. The COLT STUDIO physique's stress hard work on nutrition and strength training. No other model in the testosterone throbbing stable of stallions embodies the ideal of hard work and dedication in the gym more than Gage Weston. The two hundred seventeen pound, blond hair, green eye titan has truly been an inspiration to me and to thousands of others. I asked him to take the time with me to give us a little background on his life in the weight room and being a trainer! In this interview many of you will be able to identify with his struggle to be muscular and strong when not genetically dispositioned to be so. You'll also get the feeling he's not as intimidating as the photos and films make him seem!

Carl: First I want to say thank you for taking the time out of your busy day for this interview! I mean being a hot stud myself; I know how incredibly busy hot boys can be right? You're supposed to agree!!

Gage: I absolutely agree (laughing)! Your very welcome and thanks for wanting to interview me!

Carl: Sure! Who wouldn't want to talk to you for hours! Anyway, let's talk about the nuts and bolts behind the body. How much of a contribution has genetics made to the construction of your physique? Do you come from a family of prototypes for the master race?

Gage: I don't really come from a family with blessed physiques, so genetically I didn't have a head start. I was actually very skinny as a kid, but I did wrestle and played baseball throughout my childhood. I wrestled all the way up to my senior year in high school. I was athletic, but still skinny. Being skinny or as I call it scrawny, always made me want to get bigger. I started to really hit the weights after I graduated high school, but I didn't really get serious about it until I was about twenty one, then ended up joining the Marine Corps. That's when I got a lot more serious about it! I've kept with it ever since and put a lot of hard work into it. I also have a career as a Personal Trainer, so that has helped me a lot over the past six years.

Carl: I can't picture you scrawny! I can picture you as a Marine! So you would you say you were a hard a hard gainer (like me)!

Gage: Oh I'm definitely a hard gainer! I have a super fast metabolism, so I really have to eat a ton to pack on any mass. Its sucks!!

Carl: Wow, You look like someone who is naturally gifted to be a monster! A lot of people will be inspired to know you have to work just as hard as them. How about supplements? Do you like to use Androstenedione (over the counter testosterone boosters), Creatine or Nitric Oxide (No-Explode)?

Gage: I have tried pretty much every over the counter supplement so I have a lot of different opinions on them, and have my personal favorites. Protein of course is the best to supplement when weight training, but I've also stuck with the basics like Creatine and the basic Amino Acids to help speed recovery. Most of the others I've tried like (NO-Explode) and things along that line, just make you look and feel pumped while you're working out. They don't actually help build muscle and give the results they claim, its mostly marketing! Sorry, was getting into my trainer mode there, (laughing)!

Carl: No, That's what people need to hear! Speaking of you being a trainer, we saw you on the Bravo Series Workout, so you really are a personal trainer you don't just play one on TV?

Gage: Yes, I am! I'm actually a Fitness Manager at 24 Hour Fitness in California.

Carl: Let's talk about what it's like to have you as a trainer. What's your specialty as a trainer?

Gage: I have so many different clients with different goals. The majority of my clients has weight loss goals, or wants to get lean and lose body fat. But I do have a couple who want to put on more muscle mass, and I have some older clients with medical problems, like cancer, who just want to be healthy and live longer. So I'd have to say I have experience with all forms of training.

Carl: Not every day as a trainer is always filled with inner joy and soaring white doves so what's your biggest annoyance about your clients?

Gage: My biggest annoyance would be when clients don't stick to their diet, and wonder why they aren't getting results!

Carl: Yes! I know that's the biggest frustration! Now as I've said many times you have a perfect physique, have you done any bodybuilding competitions?

Gage: No I haven't! I've always wanted to, and plan on doing one before I get too old!

Carl: Boys like you just get better with age! Now let's get down on it I mean to it! Tell us your secrets! How do you train? What is your rep range and training split?

Gage: I constantly change my routine; you really have to so you don't hit a plateau. I usually work one muscle group a day, but try to hit legs twice a week. My split is Day1: Chest, Day 2: Back, Day 3: Legs, Day 4: Arms, Day 5: Shoulders, and then on the sixth day Legs again. I will normally do four sets and go down in reps with each set starting with 12, then 10, 8, and 6 adding more weight on each set. Some days I'll change it up and do four sets of 20 reps with lighter weight, and maybe add in some super sets!

Carl: Legs twice a week, that's intense! It's very important to keep things fresh to avoid a plateau in muscle gains. Do you always need to lift heavy to keep your (body) weight up?

Gage: Lifting heavy will definitely help keep on size and mass, but the main way to keep your weight up and get bigger is eating!

Carl: Yes that's right! but it can be difficult figuring out exactly how many calories to intake so you have that ripped look. You have the look everyone is always asking me how to achieve. You're big and shredded. How do you manage to keep size while cutting up?

Gage: Well thank you, I'm very flattered by that! To be honest, I never really try to cut up; I'm always trying to put on more size! I just have a really fast metabolism that keeps me pretty lean, to me it's a curse since I'm a hard gainer. I even try to avoid cardio! (Laughing) I just lift hard and eat a lot of clean food with high protein. To keep on size and stay lean, eating a ton of protein is key. That what's going to help maintain your muscle mass!

Carl: When my boys heard I was doing this interview they were so jealous we had a crazy cat fight like on Dynasty; hair pulling vases flying everything!! No really, they wanted to know if you did squats to keep that beautiful buttocks looking like the most tempting place to rest a weary face.

Gage: (Laughing) now you've really got me blushing! I do a ton of leg and butt exercises, lots of squats and lunges work best for me!

Carl: And last but not least the two most boring questions I get asked: What's your favorite body part to train? How much can you bench?

Gage: Well they are all my favorite, but as much as I dread doing legs, I'd have to say they are my favorite to train! I honestly don't know what my max is on bench; I don't think I've ever tried, (laughing)! I actually hear that question all the time, it cracks me up. I don't really think people max out on bench anymore. I think last time I did that was gym class back in middle school!

Carl: Thank you so much for doing this! You know I'm a big fan. I play your COLT film Wide Strokes in the morning to get me psyched up for the gym! It's a great idea to get pumped and ready to build a hot body! So you have been an inspiration for me and I hope you've answered some questions that your fans have wanted to know as well!

Gage: You're very welcome, and thank you so much for the kind words and compliments! That puts a huge smile on my face! It feels great to know I can help be some sort of motivation.

Carl: To see Gage live, in full HD or to send him a personal note check him out at

photo courtesy of COLT STUDIOS

Carl Rishi began his career as a personal trainer in 1999 in New York City working under the watchful eye of the strength and conditioning coach for the New York Giants. Since then he has had a successful career as a writer, dancer and model. In 2005 he won the title of WNSO Fitness Model Champion Boston. Carl has a degree in health communication and produces his own health and fitness program titled Better Bodies.


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