Fla. City Approves Domestic Partnership Registry

Friday Dec 13, 2013

Pensacola has become the latest Florida city to establish a domestic partnership registry.

The Pensacola News Journal ( ) reports the city council voted 8-1 Thursday in favor of creating the registry.

The registry will allow both gay and straight adults who live together to obtain some of the rights entitled to married couples. Registered partners will be allowed to make medical and funeral decisions for one another, visit each other in the hospital and participate in the education of mutual children.

They will also be automatically notified in case of an emergency.

At least 14 cities and counties around the state have established registries, representing about half the state's population.

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  • BlondieSL, 2013-12-13 14:33:44

    So how long before the entire state wakes up and just legalized equal rights, including marriage? Sheesh

  • , 2013-12-14 04:47:27

    Color me uninformed. ..I thought gay marriage was kegalizedbon a national level this year snd the states have to comply...does this mean social security benefits will now recognize spouses of the same gender from states that have osssed a marriage law in line w federal law?? God..I better get off my ass snd either turn on news or Google to get abreast of situatiin civil union is not the same as legal marriage I have been told..ideas for this dingdong to get uo to speed??thank you..

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