Wash. Students Protest Gay Vice Principal’s Exit

by Donna Gordon Blankinship
Friday Dec 20, 2013
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Students from Eastside Catholic High School
Students from Eastside Catholic High School  (Source:AP Photo/The Seattle Times, Steve Ringman)

Students at a Seattle-area Catholic school are gaining national attention for their protest over the forced departure of a gay vice principal.

An online petition started by the senior class president of Eastside Catholic was the third fastest growing U.S. petition on Friday, attracting around 15,000 signatures in one day.

The petition was launched after Vice Principal Mark Zmuda resigned under pressure from school administrators after they learned he had married his same-sex partner.

Eastside Catholic attorney and spokesman Mike Patterson says Zmuda signed a contract that stated he would follow the church’s official teachings, and gay marriage violates that contract.

Bradley Strode says the students want to effect change within the wider Catholic Church, with an ultimate goal of changing the Catholic Church’s stance on gay marriage.

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  • Anonymous, 2013-12-20 21:54:06

    There is an interesting pattern with these firings. The Catholic schools are firing us after we get married. I guess it’s OK to be single and popular, but if you enter a public covenant relationship, you get fired.

  • Anonymous, 2013-12-22 01:26:20

    I just don’t underatand....there are more molestations with hetero teachers at catholic schools than gay and they’re still just dosent make sense

  • BlondieSL, 2013-12-22 09:25:14

    "Violates that contract" huh? Don’t the Catholics have a contract with their invisible entity? It seems to me that when they violate children the violate their contract with their god. But none of the are able to see that hypocrisy. Talk about denial.

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