Minn. Student Gets Death Threats After Coming Out on Facebook

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Thursday Feb 6, 2014

A high school student from Circle Pines, Minn., says he received a death threat Tuesday, six weeks after coming out on Facebook, Fox's Minnesota affiliate station, KMSP-TV reports.

Ryan Eichenauer, a senior at Centennial High School, said he found an anonymous and threatening letter in his English class Tuesday, which sparked a police investigation.

"I'm really proud to be out and be myself. I get to do what I want without having to hide anymore," he told KMSP-TV. He added that the letter won't send him back in the closet.

"I know there are going to be people in life who don't agree with it. But that's who I am," he said.

Just before New Year's Day, Eichenauer posted a video on Facebook to tell his friends and family that he has attractions to men.

"I don't like the term 'coming out' because I'm not coming out. I am letting the world in," he says in the clip. He also says he doesn't believe in labels and has been and always will be attracted to girls.

The letter Eichenauer found Tuesday is the second threatening letter he has received since posting the video on Facebook. The student says the letters "make me sick."

KMSP-TV reports that the letter attacks the teen's sexuality and says, "I can't wait for the day that I get to walk over your grave and if you don't put yourself there, I will be glad to. Just do us all a favor and do it soon. Kill yourself already."

Part of the letter also reads:

I see there are many others who also want you dead. Good. And it's not just the two of us who have decided to speak up. It's everyone. [...] like you don't deserve to live in this world. Innocent people die every day, but the scum of the earth like you gets to live? [...] that. That is about to change. No one likes the fact that you are alive. No one likes the way you show your sexuality. You are a [...] sinner. Someone should do something about it...I will. I am not a coward. I protect the house of god from [...] like you."

Eichenauer reported the letter to the police, saying that his "emotions are overwhelming" and that he is "a little scared."

"It's harassment.. We take harassment very seriously. And it was threatening," principal Tom Breuning told the news station.

Breuning told KMSP-TV that the school district, along with police, have launched investigations into the incident.

"Whoever is behind it, it's unacceptable. And the safety of all our students is of paramount importance to us," Breuning added.

Eichenauer said after finding the first letter, he cried a lot, even though the first letter was less threatening than the second.

"Is this what I am going to get forever, from now on?" Eichenauer asked.

Watch Eichenauer's video below:


  • , 2014-02-06 03:19:12

    We are all so proud of you for being yourself. it shouldn’t even be an issue. I wish more people in this world were more like you then it would be a beautiful place instead of creepy and scummy. Sorry you live in a world were creeps and hateful scum also reside. I don’t know why peaceful good people have to be here around such mean, hateful, murderous, wicked people. You are a good and beautiful person. You are a sight for sore eyes here. I am glad you are here and I wished you lived by us. I would like to ship all the troublemaking mean haters off to a North Korea slave camp to teach them that life is about beauty and happiness and live and life not wicked murderous plotting. Jesus never would have attacked or sent a letter of murderous intent. Jesus was the perfect model of love and personal sacrifice. A true follower of Christ knows this and lives by this. Jesus never would have behaved as wicked and destructive as these people have acted. One day Jesus will send a real missionary to then and teach them how a Christian acts in life and conduct. I am a High Priest of Jesus Christ the only Lord God most high. HE has taught me from my youth and to this day I declare HIS praises. A real Christian acts in self sacrifice and would rather be hit on both cheeks than return evil. A real Christian would rather carry a Roman soldiers gear 2 miles instead if one. He would suffer humiliation and persecution than give birth to wickedness. To sum it all up the real fruit and maturity of a real follower of Jesus is this: Colossians 3:14 that states: "Put on LOVE which is the bond if perfection." To test and see if a person is a real and MARURE Christian see if he lives according to Colossians 3:12-16. A real Christian will lead and show a beautiful hearty happy life because The beauty of Jesus is in them. Jesus never intended His followers to be rock throwers or murderous plotters. We are to be beautiful happy sunbeams that attract everyone to HIM. I am very proud if you. you make thus world complete and a beautiful place. We love you and want you to be happy in all your life endeavors. Live and grow up like a beautiful Redwood tree. May Jesus bless you and show all if us how to walk in HIS beauty.

  • , 2014-02-06 11:03:46

    You are a light in the darkness of ignorance. Bring love where there is hate and compassion to those who have yet to understand. No matter what others may sling at you, we stand alongside you as brothers and sisters of the LGBTQ tribe. Be strong; we are with you.

  • , 2014-02-06 13:13:53

    If that guy has such a problem with gay people living and "good" people dying, maybe he should take it up with Yahweh.

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