Kansas Debates ’Protections’ For Gay Rights Foes

Thursday Mar 6, 2014
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TOPEKA, KAN. - Legislators are reopening a debate on whether Kansas should enact special legal protections for people, groups and businesses opposing gay marriage for religious reasons.

A Senate panel was taking testimony Thursday from legal scholars on whether existing state laws protect opponents of gay-marriage from being fined or sued for refusing to provide goods or services for same-sex wedding ceremonies or marriages.

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing follows last month’s House passage of what proponents called "religious freedom" legislation. Opponents said it would encourage discrimination against gays and lesbians, and Senate leaders declared it dead.

The Kansas Constitution bars gay marriage, but the House bill anticipated that federal courts could invalidate the ban.

Senate leaders have said the Judiciary Committee is having an informational hearing and isn’t working on new legislation.

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  • BlondieSL, 2014-03-06 15:44:09

    And what if a state wanted to pass the same protection so religions opposed to interracial marriage can discriminate? Or the same idea that gives tge businesses ruke to discriminate against serving Jewish people? That would not go over too well, woukd it? How is it that those morons think it’s not acceptable for some people and not others? Seriously, the make no sense at all.

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