Texas Man Fined for Sending ’Dick Pic’ With Job App

by Bobby McGuire
Monday Mar 31, 2014
"Fun with Dick and Jane" circa 1930
"Fun with Dick and Jane" circa 1930  

In a crowded job market, it’s important to make sure your application materials stand out from the crowd so you’ll be considered a memorable candidate. This can include the use of power verbs and listing awards and achievements.

A Texas man recently found out that while attempting to be considered memorable, one thing you’ll want to steer away from is sending a photo of your penis to potential employers. The Dallas Observer reports.

A caseworker at Texas Workforce Solutions, a state run agency that coordinates a network of potential employers, was shocked to find a photo of a client’s penis in her email along with his job application. The 25-year-old caseworker notified police, who identified the culprit and slapped him with a ticket for "obscene display or distribution."

According to, obscene display or distribution is defined as:

Intentionally or knowingly displaying or distributing obscene materials with reckless disregard for whether a person is present who will be offended or alarmed.

This offense is a Class C misdemeanor and carries with it a fine of up to $500

A spokesman for local police confirmed the man who sent the email was still unemployed.

’I think I know why he can’t find a job,’ he said.


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