London Police Make Headway in Finding Man Who Nearly Blinded Gay Man

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday Jun 10, 2014

London police are closer in finding the man who threw an ammonia solution on two gay men in an alleged anti-gay attack.Gay Star News reports.

According to a London Evening Standard report last week, a bearded man allegedly sprayed a solution nearly blinding a gay man and his friend outside Lightbox, a popular nightclub in south London. The suspect also attacked a third man.

According to reports the incident occurred after two women outside the nightclub hurled anti-gay slurs. The suspect then attacked and sprayed chemicals into the 23-year-old victim's eyes, burning his cornea. The concoction was also sprayed in the victim's friend's mouth and on a third man.

All three men were treated at a local hospital where doctors said the 23-year-old victim will not be totally blind, but his eyesight may be permanently damaged.

The incident was caught on camera, and the two women in the clip have come forward and spoken with police. Scotland Yard said Tuesday the women have not been arrested.

"This was an isolated incident and we have been speaking to police since it occurred, including supplying them with our CCTV footage of the local Vauxhall area," Mark Williams of Orange Nation, the company that owns Lightbox, said in a statement. "The police have confirmed there is no direct link with the venue or our customers. Our doors were closed at the time of the incident, with no gay events at the Lightbox that morning. Our extensive commitment with the council and Vauxhall One to provide a safe environment for everyone continues. Our thoughts go out to the victims of this awful attack and we wish them a speedy recovery."


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