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CDC Gives $216M in Funding for HIV Prevention Efforts

By EDGE | Jul 10
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that it has awarded $216 million over five years to 90 community-based organizations (CBOs) nationwide to deliver effective HIV prevention strategies to those at risk.

AIDS Policy Experts Pleased By House and Senate Funding Bills

By EDGE | Jul 9
House and Senate Appropriation Committees passed FY16 funding bills that maintain funding for specific domestic HIV and hepatitis programs while they drastically cut many other programs that are critical to preventing and treating HIV and hepatitis.

Cytodyn Expands Clinical Apps for Pro 140 Beyond HIV Therapy

By EDGE | Jul 6
CytoDyn Inc. announced that recent research data has expanded the potential clinical indications for PRO 140, now in Phase 3 for the treatment of HIV, to include certain inflammatory diseases, autoimmunity, transplantation and cancer.

Doc Filmmaker Jean Carlomusto on Larry Kramer :: Anger, Love & Activism

By Sean Au | Jul 3
Larry Kramer polarized the gay community even before the AIDS epidemic; but his anger at the government's inactivity inspired a movement. EDGE speaks to doc filmmaker Jean Carlomusto on Kramer & the making of her HBO film "Larry Kramer in Love and Anger."

French Biosantech Reports HIV Vaccine is Safe

By EDGE | Jun 30
French-based Biosantech Company reported that the company's HIV vaccine candidate is not toxic to 48 HIV-positive patients enrolled in a double-blind study that is taking place in France.

Could a Subdermal Implant Mean the End of HIV?

By EDGE | Jun 29
Findings published in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy report that a novel, subdermal implant delivering potent antiretroviral (ARV) drugs shows extreme promise in stopping the spread of HIV.

NYS Blueprint For Ending AIDS; June 27 is HIV Testing Day

By EDGE | Jun 26
Eric Brus looks at Gov. Cuomo's Blueprint to End AIDS, plus the updated LGBT Health Guide from Fenway, and June 27 HIV Testing Day.

Cocaine Could Make You Susceptible to HIV, Says UCLA

By EDGE | Jun 26
New UCLA research offers further evidence that cocaine use disrupts the immune system, making one more likely to become infected with HIV.

New Condom Changes Colors When in Contact With STI

By EDGE | Jun 25
A group of UK schoolchildren revolutionized safe sex when they created a new condom that changes color when it comes into contact with a sexually transmitted infection.

The AIDS Institute Recognizes HIV Testing Day

By EDGE | Jun 25
In recognition of National HIV Testing Day on June 27, The AIDS Institute reminds individuals to get tested so that they can learn their HIV status.

11 thru 20 of 585 Stories