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New Funders Concerned About AIDS Report Shows Highest Philanthropic Funding Point Since 2008

By EDGE | Dec 22
Global funding is up to $663M, but more resources and broader engagement are needed to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

O'Neill Institute Experts, NMAC Release HIV Biomedical Prevention Report

By EDGE | Dec 20
National and Global Health Law at Georgetown Law working in partnership with NMAC have released the first of two reports to help prevent HIV in communities of color.

New Short Film Highlights HIV Criminalization

By John McDonald | Dec 17
"No one should ever knowingly put another person at risk of harm, but the ability to disclose is not quite as simple as that," said Sean Strub, President of the Sero Project.

'Righteous Rebels' Tells AHF Story

By John McDonald | Dec 17
How a global health organization operates was the topic of discussion Thursday evening at the World AIDS Museum in Wilton Manors, Florida.

Bailey House CEO Gina Quattrochi Passes Away After Battle With Cancer

By EDGE | Dec 15
It is with profound sadness that the Board of Directors of Bailey House announces the death of our CEO, Gina Quattrochi. She passed away December 13, 2016, following a valiant battle with cancer.

AIDS Project RI Offers Two Collector's Edition Holiday Ornaments

By EDGE | Dec 15
AIDS Project Rhode Island is pleased to introduce two new collector's edition holiday ornaments!

Diarrhea Troublesome Side Effect Among HIV+; Mytesi Could Help

By Winnie McCroy | Dec 15
One in five people living with HIV/AIDS experience chronic diarrhea. The drug Mytesi, newly approved by the FDA for PLWHAs, could help!

New Study Finds HIV Reservoir May Endure Longer Than Thought

By EDGE | Dec 14
A new study has revealed that the HIV reservoir of those on successful treatment for the virus dissipates much slower than thought.

AAHIVM Produces New Web-Based Core Curriculum for Frontline HIV Care Providers

By EDGE | Dec 14
The American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM), the nation's largest independent HIV care provider organization, is proud to launch the "AAHIVM Core Curriculum in HIV Care, Prevention and Treatment," a web-based learning resource.

Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force Opens Medical Clinic Following Extensive Renovation of East Liberty Facility 

Dec 13
Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force (PATF), southwest Pennsylvania's oldest and largest HIV/AIDS service organization, is pleased to announce the opening of a medical clinic, following the completion of a $1 million renovation of its East Liberty facility.

11 thru 20 of 1048 Stories