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Ga. Woman Accused of Killing Ex-Girlfriend

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Jul 19, 2013

Danielle Parker of Fulton, Ga., is accused of killing her ex-girlfriend and reportedly posed as the victim on social media and via text, reports ABC's Atlanta, Ga., affiliated-station WSBTV.

Danielle Parker, 30, is charged in the shooting death of East Point Police Officer Crystal Parker, her ex-girlfriend. According to local authorities, Danielle Parker allegedly shot Crystal Parker in the head in her home around the July 4 holiday.

According to police records, someone sent Crystal Parker's boss a text message from her phone around the time she was killed. The text said she wasn't able to come to work because she was visiting her father in the hospital.

"I wasn't in the hospital," Joe Parker, Crystal Parker's father, told WSBTV. He added that he wanted Danielle Parker out of his daughter's life, saying, "I told her many times, 'You don't need her.' "

Detectives found Crystal Parker's wallet and debit card at Danielle Parker's home days after the officer was killed. They also discovered a video game system that was stolen from the victim's house weeks prior to the killing. Danielle Parker told detectives she didn't leave her home the day authorities believed Crystal Parker was murdered.

Detectives say the women had been in a 5-year relationship but broke up, and that Crystal Parker had a new girlfriend. According to police, someone used the officer's Facebook account around the time she was killed and sent a vulgar message to the officer's new partner.

The victim's friend told the news station that Danielle Parker posted a message on Facebook using the name "Blaque Widow," writing that she loved Crystal Parker. The message was posted on July 8, a day after Parker's body was discovered, Project Atlanta reports.

"No words can express the pain and hurt I feel right now. ..Last night I lost the Love of my life for the last 6yrs Crystal A Parker. will always love you and miss you, you will forever in my HEART.# Love You 4 ever," the Facebook post reads.

Detectives also added that the victim's cell phone connected to a cell tower near Danielle Parker's home and that they found a .38-caliber bullet inside her home - the same type of bullet used to kill Crystal Parker.

The officer's father told the news station that the death of his daughter hurts even more because someone she knew allegedly killed her.

"It hurt because she [has] been so kind to that person but that person didn't appreciate anything," he told WSBTV.

Danielle Parker was arrested on July 9 and charged with murdering Crystal Parker, Project Atlanta reports.


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