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Wyoming Panel Moves Bill to Ban Sexual-Orientation Bias

By Ben Neary | Feb 21
A bill that would ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity cleared a critical committee hearing on Friday and now heads for a vote next week in the full Wyoming House of Representatives.

Congressman Tweets He Has a Transgender Grandchild

Feb 20
Democratic congressman Mike Honda says on his Twitter account he has a transgender grandchild, an announcement that comes amid a national conversation about people who struggle with gender identity.

CAP Report Shows Difficulties Facing Transgender Teens

By EDGE | Feb 20
At least one in five transgender young people have experienced homelessness, and many of them have encountered discrimination, harassment, and abuse in shelters and other services meant to serve as safe spaces when there is nowhere else to go.

Women Show Brawn and Raise Funds at La Sharienne Dakhia

By Winnie McCroy | Feb 19
From February 24-27, women will show off their independence while raising funds for a good cause in La Sharienne Dakhia, an all-women race between the desert and ocean to help charities in the south of Morocco.

Mark Bentley Cohen Is Bi, Hung, Fit...and (Old School) Married

By Scott Stiffler | Feb 19
At the age of 50 Canadian writer/performer Mark Bentley Cohen found himself part of a dissed minority: bisexuals. He chose to write a one-man show about it, which comes to NYC this week. EDGE spoke to Cohen about his journey.

Doctor Refuses Treatment for Lesbian Couple's Baby

By Winnie McCroy | Feb 19
A Michigan lesbian couple has finally received a reply from a doctor who refused to treat their baby girl last fall because it was incompatible with her personal and religious beliefs.

'I Do' Is Just the Beginning

By Porter Gilberg | Feb 14
Whether single or coupled, as you make plans in honor of Cupid, remember that our ability to celebrate this "day of love" has not been without tremendous struggle for our local communities and beyond.

How Do We Find Each Other? Lots of Ways -- Friends Can Help

By Connie Cass | Feb 11
How do we find love?

Indiana Woman Who Fought Gay Marriage Ban Dies of Cancer

Feb 9
A terminally ill woman whose desire to have her same-sex marriage recognized by Indiana before she died helped galvanize efforts to overturn the state's gay marriage ban has lost her battle with cancer.

Marriage -- Just for Some?

By Christopher Donaghue, PH.D., LCSW, CST | Feb 8
"Marriage for all" is not actually true, and not what gay marriage affords and allows. It's marriage for those who follow the dictates of what the state allows for their relationship.

11 thru 20 of 604 Stories