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When Mere Paint Won't Do It: Bike Lanes Around the World

By Philip Marcelo | Aug 24
Cities are increasingly changing bike lanes to make them safer in light of fatal crashes involving cyclists and cars.

Sports Court Confirms Russia Ban from Rio Paralympics

By Graham Dunbar | Aug 23
Russia is banned from the Paralympic Games as punishment for a state-backed doping program, after losing an appeal at sport's highest court.

Hundreds Protest Murder of LGBT Activist in Istanbul

Aug 22
Demonstrators gathered in central Istanbul to protest the rape and killing of a transgender woman and LGBT activist.

Global Travel Spending Growing, But At Slower Pace

By Scott Mayerowitz | Aug 22
Global travel spending is still growing, although at a slower pace, despite weakening economies and fears over terrorism.

Americans Extend Medal Count To 27 In Olympic Track Meet

By Pat Graham | Aug 20
Tori Bowie is showing her true colors - bronze, silver and, now, gold.

Hundreds Gather for Kiss-A-Thon After Gay Couple Gets Kicked Out of Store

By Brittany Ferrendi | Aug 20
Thomas Rees and his boyfriend Joshua Bradwell were reportedly removed from Sainsbury's supermarket in London after a customer complained about their "immoral" and "inappropriate" hand-holding. A kiss-in ensued.

Lochte Apologizes for Not Being More Candid About Incident

By Peter Prengaman, Mauricio Savarese and Luis Andres Henao | Aug 19
U.S Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has apologized for his behavior surrounding a late-night incident at a Rio de Janeiro gas station, saying he should have been more "careful and candid" about how he described what happened.

Brazil Police Official: Lochte Made Up Story About Robbery

By Mauricio Savarese and Beth Harris | Aug 18
A Brazilian police official is telling The Associated Press that American swimmer Ryan Lochte fabricated a story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro.

Video of American Killing Canadian Bear May Lead to Charges

Aug 18
Warning: The footage you're about to see may be upsetting. Alberta reportedly plans to ban spear hunting after a graphic online video that caused outrage.

The Hidden Holocaust

Aug 18
A priest is determined to find forgotten victims of the Holocaust whose bodies lie in unmarked mass graves in the former USSR.

1 thru 10 of 3212 Stories