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Islamic State Claims 30 Killed for Sodomy, UN Meeting Told

Aug 24
The head of an international gay rights organization is telling the U.N. Security Council that the Islamic State extremist group has claimed responsibility for executing at least 30 people for sodomy.

Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade Attacker Charged With Murder

Aug 24
An ultra-Orthodox Israeli who fatally stabbed a teenage girl at a Jerusalem gay pride parade has been indicted on a murder charge.

US Marine Admits Choking Transgender Filipino, Denies Murder

Aug 24
A U.S. Marine charged with murder has testified in court that he choked a Filipino unconscious during a fight that started when he discovered that she was a transgender woman in a Philippine motel.

Americans, Briton Who Thwarted Attack Get France's Top Honor

By Sylvie Corbet | Aug 24
Three Americans and a Briton who tackled an attacker loaded with guns and ammunition prevented carnage on the high-speed train carrying 500 passengers to Paris, France's president said Monday as he presented the men with the Legion of Honor.

US Airman Says Train Attacker 'Ready To Fight To The End'

By Elaine Ganley and Maggy Donaldson | Aug 23
Three American travelers say they relied on gut instinct and a close bond forged over years of friendship as they took down a heavily armed man on a passenger train speeding through Belgium.

Train Gunman Known To 3 Countries; Lawyer Says He's Homeless

By Elaine Ganley | Aug 23
The man who boarded a high-speed train in Europe with an assault rifle before being subdued by three Americans was known to intelligence services in three countries and had ties to radical Islam, authorities said Sunday.

AP Analysis: What's Different This Time In Korean Standoff?

By Foster Klug | Aug 22
For years, North Korea's litany of threats has been largely dismissed. Seoul, after all, is still not drowning in a "sea of fire," despite Pyongyang's repeated promises to make it so. So what has been different this time?

3 Americans Praised For Subduing Gunman On European Train

By Nadine Achoui-Lesage and Stephanie Siek | Aug 22
Three Americans are being hailed as heroes for tackling and disarming a gunman they happened to encounter on a high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris.

Dustin Lance Black Directs New Gay-Inclusive Coca-Cola Ad

By Jason St. Amand | Aug 21
Out Academy Award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black recently wrote and directed a short film for Coca-Cola, which puts the spotlight on bullying and two gay teens.

What Greece's New Elections Mean for the Bailout

Aug 21
Greece's prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, has resigned and called new elections - just as the country was starting to tap its new bailout package.

11 thru 20 of 2501 Stories