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Holland Likely Won’t Take Up Gay Rights Soon

Wednesday Nov 6, 2013

HOLLAND, MICH. - A proposal to protect gays from discrimination in the western Michigan city of Holland likely won't be back on the table soon.

Two people running for re-election to City Council who opposed adding sexual orientation to the local anti-discrimination law in 2011 had election challenges over the issue. They won new terms on Tuesday along with other council members who were up for re-election.

Council members Brian Burch and Nancy DeBoer were challenged by Don Martin, who is gay, and Richard Burlingame. If Burch and DeBoer had been defeated there might have been a chance of passing the addition.

Burch had said Holland residents should treat everyone fairly without amending the law. DeBoer had said her religious beliefs make her uncomfortable about extending protections to gays.

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  • Vassago, 2013-11-06 12:44:17

    "DeBoer had said her religious beliefs make her uncomfortable about extending protections to gays.", what do your beliefs have to do with protecting everyone equally?

  • Wayne M., 2013-11-09 10:05:06

    People need to follow their own religious beliefs in their own lives or they are hypocrites. However, that does not mean forcing others to follow your religious beliefs. Everyone must be given equal protection under the law. If rights can be denied to one group for any excuse, then they will be denied to other groups as well. Burch must recognize the truth that laws are an essential key to ensuring people’s rights are protected. DeBoer might want to consider that countries that refuse to protect the rights of LGBT people usually also refuse to protect religious minorities. And if we are honest, we who are Christian also know we are a religious minority even here in America (Canada and United States).

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