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Majority of Young Republicans Support Gay Marriage

by Sergio N. Candido
Thursday Mar 21, 2013

A new study based on exit polls from the 2012 November elections reveals that a majority of groups, including young Republicans, support gay marriage.

According to an analysis by top campaign pollsters Jan van Lohuizen, who has worked with former President George W. Bush, and Joel Benenson, who served as pollster for the Obama campaign, 51 percent of Republicans under 30 support the legalization of same-sex marriage at the state level.

The study, commissioned by the pro-marriage equality group Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, is based on the answers of 5,322 Election Day voters nationwide.

Results of the survey also showed that a majority of groups that comprise the U.S. population, both ethnically and religiously speaking, supported gay marriage.

Such groups include:

-White Catholics (53% support/43% oppose).
-Hispanic Catholics (54% support/35% oppose).
-African-American non-evangelical (65% support/31% oppose).
-Jewish (78% support/21% oppose)
-Whites under 65 (50% support/46% oppose)
-African-Americans under 65 (51% support/40% oppose)
-Hispanics under 65 (60% support/31% oppose)

The main opponents of gay marriage were eligible voters over the age of 65 and white evangelical Christians.

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  • Wayne M., 2013-03-22 17:30:36

    Fair minded people, regardless of religion or politics, realize the obvious - that marriage is a personal choice and is no one else’s business except for the couple getting married. Those who don’t believe in same-sex marriage don’t have to marry someone of the same sex and have no right to tell others who they can or cannot marry.

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