Meital :: Gets "On Ya" NYC!

by JC Alvarez
Wednesday Oct 10, 2012

Recently, and only since Lady Gaga, no other music artist has attempted to court controversy the way emerging pop-songstress Meital has with her explosion onto the scene. She can thank the Internet for the splash her debut video for the single "Yummy Boyz" made, introducing the world - after a million or more downloads - to her effervescent and rebellious uniqueness. Since moving into her musicality, and adopting the much more marketable one-moniker stage name (think Cher, Madonna, Janet, Britney) the actress, formally surnamed "Dohan" is poking fun at convention with hit singles and an image ready for hi-def!

With a brand new single "On Ya" featuring Sean Kingston, and an album on the horizon, Meital is prepping to take on her toughest audience yet...the New York City club-kid crowd Thursday night at XL. But she isn't bringing one of her most infamous stage props, which recently made an appearance at one of super-promoter Jeffrey Sanker's parties. "No," Meital says, "I'm leaving that particular item behind." It's a shame really, especially since her XL audience may have responded to the prosthetic endowment favorably.

"But don't worry...I've brought along some of my 'yummy boyz.'" Meital doesn't travel very far without her team of hot boys and especially her provocative sense of fashion. "I've always been considered a provocative artist." In her native Israel she became a popularly known writer and actor winning the equivalent of her country's Tony. "When it comes to art you have to leave something to the imagination. I want to provoke people into thinking."

To Be Or Not To Be

Meital is no wallflower. Aggressively demonstrating her initiative by taking every opportunity to express her individuality. "I think it kind of developed just because I’m an actor," she says of her unbridled ambition. "I tend to live in the moment," she imparts, "but I’m my own toughest critic."

Making her mark on television stateside with a recurring role on the hit series "Weeds," Meital sought to penetrate the music industry and sided up to hit-makers Rami Afuni (LMFAO) and Che Pope for tracks on her upcoming full-length debut album release "I’m in Hate with Love." With such an ironic title - "I think humor is always a part of everything." - Meital is hopeful that her electro-dance/pop sound will transcend all audiences.

"We’re all experiencing a very interesting time, and moving so far ahead." The artist suggests our cultural dependency on technology and the Internet, not only brings people together, "but it’s kind of shifting and dividing us all as men and women. It affects how people connect with one another." Meital has taken these themes and turned them on their ear in her musical presentation. "I’m dealing with all these different elements and making commentary - even though it might look ridiculous in my videos." It’s certainly pays off in spades on the dance floor!

Girl On Fire

Meital has found a fire in the fear - "There will always be people who will say you can’t do something, but I like to live my life on the edge." - she insists that every diva will have her day...especially at the gay club. "It’s always a challenge in a gay club to go home with a yummy boy of my own," she admits with a laugh. "It hasn’t happened yet...but I like them all - I love my yummy boyz." The night is young...and Meital - she takes no prisoners.

Catch her when she electrifies the stage on Thurs. Oct 11th in New York City at the legendary XL Nightclub located at 512 West 42 Street in Manhattan. For tickets and showtime info go to

You can follow Meital and check out her new video for "On Ya" featuring Sean Kingston by visiting her website at

Check out the video teaser here


Native New Yorker JC Alvarez is a pop-culture enthusiast and the nightlife chronicler of the club scene and its celebrity denizens from coast-to-coast. He is the on-air host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Out Loud & Live!" and is also on the panel of the local-access talk show "Talking About".


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