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My Bawdy Valentine :: Saucy Storytelling Celebrates its Eighth

By Krissy Eliot | Feb 13
If you're tired of the prescriptive nature of Valentine's Day (the purchasing of teddy bears, the making of Italian reservations, the writing of bad poetry), then forget V-day. Have a me-day. Check out "Bawdy Storytelling."

What's HOT South Florida :: 02/12 - 02/18

By Scott Holland | Feb 12
RuPaul, or pizza feast? Aussie Bum, or all-night dance party? Who can choose when it's all so darn HOT!

On the Tab :: Feb. 12 - 19

By Jim Provenzano | Feb 12
Frankly, for all the times someone spilled a drink, stole my coat, snapped at me for misspelling their drag name or getting the date or time of their (now nonexistent) event wrong, nothing could scare me from going out on Friday.

'Ease on Down' to Fiddlehead's 'The Wiz'

By EDGE | Feb 11
Fiddlehead Theatre Company, the Resident Theatre Company of the historic Strand Theatre, will ease on down the road with the beloved rock musical "The Wiz," a modern re-telling of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum.

Tony Winners Porter & Wolfe Exhibit 'The Colored Museum'

By EDGE | Feb 11
Huntington Theatre Company continues its 2014-2015 Season with the landmark comedy "The Colored Museum" by two-time Tony Award winner George C. Wolfe, a stinging journey through 11 hilarious "exhibits" about African-American culture.

Culture Clash Crosses the Border to Boston, ArtEmerson

By EDGE | Feb 10
Ric Salinas, Herbert Siguenza and Richard Montoya return to Boston celebrating their 30th Anniversary as the most prominent Chicano‚ÄźLatino performance troupe in the country.

On the Tab :: Feb. 5 - 12

By Jim Provenzano | Feb 5
Let the music play; jump-start your playlist, shuffle your queue, listen to something new. Yes, fabulous music acts feature this week, new nightclub events, along with the regular weekly fun.

LA's Joyce Baron Holds "Kiss and Tell" Dating Event

By EDGE | Feb 2
On Sunday, February 8 in Los Angeles, blogger, writer and social entrepreneur Jayce Baron brings the first Kiss and Tell LGBT Dating and Relationship event to Downtown Independent in Los Angeles.

A Foote in Chicago: 'Dividing the Estate'

By EDGE | Jan 29
"Dividing the Estate," a 2008-09 Tony Award nominee for Best Original Play and Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role (Hallie Foote), can finally be seen in Chicago in Raven Theatre's production, which began preview performances on Tuesday.

What's HOT South Florida :: 01/29 - 02/04

By Scott Holland | Jan 29
Hot Bods, hot pre-Hookie awards, a hot trans teen romance film, and a little thing they call the Superbowl... all coming at you in the week ahead!

11 thru 20 of 573 Stories