Tracy Young :: The (M)DNA of "Genesis"

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by JC Alvarez

Tracy’s World

And then there’s Madonna. Though in the midst of winding down from her MDNA World Tour, the "Once-Material" now "Mercurial Girl", has been keeping Tracy very busy. She was the music director/producer for the recently released line of Hard Candy Fitness workout DVDs featuring fitness guru Nicole Winhoffer that have been at the center of the promotion of Madonna’s international gyms. "It’s all original music." set to a dance-centric aerobic work out.

Tracy also took the opportunity to collaborate with Madonna’s label, Interscope Record, to host the only official MDNA Tour after-parties along major US stops, the most recent of which was in Miami, the last stateside performance before Madonna hit South America. "She’s one of my mentors," Young says about Madonna. Their relationship both personal and professional, goes back many years now, almost to Young’s early days in radio, before she took up the DJ circuit scene. "Madonna will always be relevant - she’s been on top of it for 30 years."

Not one to let any opportunity slip through her fingers, Young has not only been busy keeping up with Madonna, but also she’s just wrapped production and is ready to unleash her latest ferocious remix, for none other than the Queen of Queens: Cher.

"Without Cher, there would be no Madonna, and without Madonna there would be no Gaga," Tracy generously illustrates. Working with the music icon on her latest track "Woman’s World" was a unique experience for Young, who continued in her tradition of working with the music industry’s most indomitable female talent.

Top of Her Game

With all the competition on the circuit scene today, and fewer venues certainly stateside to conquer, Young stays one step ahead of the game by pushing herself beyond her own expectations and not worrying about what the next act is doing. "I want to be great every time I play," she admits. She’s not just concerned with being #1 but giving her best to the dance floor crowd. "I create a moment with every party, and with ’Genesis’ it’s even more special and that’s why people like this party. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The crowd doesn’t care about anything but getting their dance on."

Maintaining that level of popularity on the party scene is also why the consummate professional values the relationships she’s made across the world’s greatest dance floors. Young is grateful to established, recognized and respected club promoters including New York City’s own proprietors of the XL Nightclub John Blair and Beto Sutter. "I love those guys, especially because I love to collaborate," she says about working with XL’s team. "Every time I play I always imagine what we can do to make the party better." She’ll have another opportunity to reinvent herself when she makes a holiday appearance in New York City at XL on Saturday, Dec 22.

With 2013 turning into Tracy Young’s "Woman’s World of Wonder," the DC Darling with the infectious laugh-for-days and the hard candy charisma continues to spin the beats per minute from the heart.  After all, it’s in her DNA.

Make 01.01.13 a calendar date to remember with DJ Tracy Young at Mansion on South Beach for the 10th Anniversary Event "Genesis". Goto Want Tickets to secure your place at the New Year’s Day part of the year presented by Ferosh Records and Mansion located at 1235 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach.

In the meantime catch DJ Tracy Young when she pops into New York City’s premiere nightclub XL on Saturday, Dec 22 in the main room - that’s how you kick off the holiday weekend!

Stay in the loop and keep up with DJ Tracy Young and visit her website at Her latest release "To Find You" featuring Astrid Suryanto is on her label F Region Productions and is available for download on iTunes. Check out the incredible fireworks display captured at Miami’s Muscle Beach party set to the track.

Native New Yorker JC Alvarez is a pop-culture enthusiast and the nightlife chronicler of the club scene and its celebrity denizens from coast-to-coast. He is the on-air host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Out Loud & Live!" and is also on the panel of the local-access talk show "Talking About".


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